Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week #57

November 15, 2015


Well this week has been hard. Everybody this week has been busy working out in the fields harvesting their rice so it's been a lot of work for us but despite the trials we did some good work this week!

To start off with our Sacrament attendance jumped up again this week! We had a skyrocketing 141 in attendance with 3 less active families and 6 investigators!!! It was amazing! The Lord really did bless us for all of our hard work this past week!

So about our investigators. Ryan Morfe is still doing amazing! He can now read brief passages in Tagalog and remembers things way easier now! We taught him about the 10 commandments this past week and he had all of them memorized in less than 20 minutes! This is a huge improvement since 2 weeks ago where it took him a long time just to memorize 4 things! The Lord is really helping him in his life and we can see his testimony and faith growing every day! The Ancheta Family is also progressing fantastically. This week I think something finally just clicked for them and their desire has increased and they are doing so much better than before!

Something sad happened this week. Zyra told us that she no longer wants to keep investigating the church. But on the bright side her sister, Katherine, is very willing! Katherine is doing so awesome in her progression! She has already prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and she said that she has received an answer!! She has gone to church twice and says she loves it! This week she even invited one of her friends to come and listen also! Its amazing to see the change that takes place in peoples lives as they learn about the gospel and feel the spirit! You can even see it in people that no longer want to investigate the church! They feel something different in their lives and they have tasted of the truth. It's just not their time.

So funny story! This week we got some amazing referrals from a member! The Lord must have seen that we were struggling so he gave us some awesome help! This week we will start teaching the Mayor of Alang-Alang, a woman that owns hotels and a jollibee in Tacloban, and her husband that owns a ton of jeepneys (a good source of income here in the Philippines)!!! We are so excited to start teaching these people! They are future leaders of the church and hopefully they can see and feel the truth of the Gospel.

So just some things that happened this week! One night as we were walking home after an appointment it was quite dark outside! And as we were walking I almost stepped on a massive anaconda that was just chilling in the middle of the road. Luckily I saw it because a motorcycle just happened to be passing by and its headlight pointed it out. But I guess people here in the Philippines don't really like snakes because the guy started running over the thing until it got away into the weeds. Second, Elder Clark attempted to cast out spirits.

Well that's it for this week! It's been good and the work is amazing! This truly is the Lord's work and I am so happy to be His representative. 

Elder Child

Pic 1 - that cat fell asleep on Brett's feet as he was teaching
Pic 2 - this is a combination picture of Brett on the left and his companion, Elder Clark, on the right
Pic 3 - Brett in goggles
Pic 4 - "We are just too gwapo"
Pic 5 - meeting with a member who has just returned from inactivity

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