Monday, December 15, 2014

Week #9

December 14, 2014


Well I am alive! It was great having a typhoon three days after I arrived in Tacloban! But I'm fine! I will include some pictures. So I got my first companion! He's a pretty cool guy and helps a lot in the day to day stuff that I struggle with! The people in my area are awesome!!! I got assigned to the Talosa Zone for my first area and it's so cool. I have also now accepted that I am going to live in a sauna for the next two years of my life so I have gotten over that portion of my stay. I was trying to be able to get to the internet cafe earlier today so I could email while you were still awake but I got hung up doing laundry... Hand washing is hard! haha I'll have to show you how to do it when I get back! The kids are so funny in my area! Any kid over the age of 5 loves me! But any kid under the age of five is deathly afraid of me. The typhoon was cool! It wasn't as bad as we all thought it would be considering how big it was and it was category 4! Some trees still got ripped out of the ground and houses got destroyed though. It's awesome finally being out in the field! I finally get to teach real people and know what its really like. Elder Woolston (my companion from the mtc) is in my district. Basta, I don't know if I am going to lose weight on my mission! All the Philippinos seem to think that because I am american I need to be fed at all times! Joke lang! Even though they feed me a ton I am already slimming down! So that makes me happy! Also mom what about those packages you sent? I haven't gotten them yet. Well If you are still awake email me back! I love you all!

Elder Child

Brett with his new companion, Elder Estrada.  He says that this is what 75% of his area looks like.
Here they are on a motorcycle.  He said there were actually 5 of them on this motorcycle being taken to an appointment.
This is the barbed wire around the apartment where he stayed during the typhoon.  I didn't ask why.

Typhoon Ruby Updates

December 5, 2014

To the families of our missionaries!

This is a message of hope and notification about what we are doing to ensure the safety 
of your missionaries serving in the Philippines Tacloban Mission. As you may be aware 
there is a tropical typhoon (Ruby) heading towards the Philippines. We are closely 
watching the developments as the storm approaches from the east. The latest projection is 
that it will cross the coast at Borongan City Saturday night, and then go further West.

We have removed ALL missionaries from Borongan Zone, and have gathered each Zone's 
missionaries in their respective Zones in a location that is safe. If it gets worse, then 
we will move them to the Chapel, but at this stage we have no missionaries in Chapels. 
The weather is currently calm, with light cloud cover.

Your missionary has been alerted to prepare for a storm.  Their preparations will 
include but are not limited to preparing for possible flooding, checking their 72 hour 
kits, having emergency cash in small bills, food and water for 7 days and a reminder to 
ensure their cell phones are kept charged.

When the storm has passed and all missionaries are accounted for, we will let you know.  
Thank you for your prayers.


President Maurer

Philippines Tacloban Mission

Friday Night Update 2 for Ruby: Dec 5th, 2014

Dear Parents and Friends of Tacloban Missionaries, I think my initial email did not get 
sent, so you may receive two in a row!!! The wind has a gentle breeze blowing in Tacloban 
as I write to update you. It is calm and peaceful, and actually a little cooler...quite 
comfortable! I imagine that thru the night we will find stronger winds, and may even wake 
up to a little rain. As you may have guessed there is nothing much happening here, but we 
are preparing for the worst. The latest projection has Typhoon Ruby moving across the 
coast in Borongan about 24 hours from now. It's path appears to go west north west across 
Catbalogan. It has been down-graded and no longer a Super Typhoon.

The streets of Tacloban are bare. There is little transport available as early as last 
night. Most people are either moving to safer locations, or at home preparing for a 
typhoon that is approaching ( about 415 kms east or south east of Borongan). Our 
missionaries have each been gathered by their Zone Leaders to be together. We have had 
them do this to keep them together for morale, safety and ease of contact. They are all 
in fine spirits, safe and actually sharing the gospel in various locations. The people 
are actually very interested to talk about a gospel of peace and joy, whilst calamity 
For those of you who know where your missionary is serving we already have them in these 
locations, before the transport shut down:

Catarman Zone - Elders in the Chapel; Sisters in the Catarman sisters apartment.

Catbalogan Zone - Elders in the Zone Leaders apartment in Calbayog; Sisters in the 
Calbayog apartment.

Boronogan Zone - All missionaries evacuated and living in Tacloban.

Tacloban Zone - Elders are in the Office apartment; Sisters in the Tacloban Sisters 

Tolosa Zone - Elders in the Burauen Chapel (inland); Sisters in the apartment in Burauen.

Sogod Zone - Elders in the Zone Leader apartment in Sogod, and Sisters in their 

Maasin Zone - Elders in the Maasin ZL apartment. Sisters in Ormoc Zone - Elders in the ZL 
Apartment in Ormoc, and Sisters in the STL apartment in Ormoc.

Biliran Zone - All missionaries in the Biliran Chapel Carigara Zone - All missionaries in 
the Carigara Stake Chapel.

The plan is to watch the development over night and move all missionaries into chapels in 
the morning. We have learnt much from Typhoon Yolanda and feel more prepared to keep them 
safe and facilitate a rescue should that be necessary. Please be assured that they are 
safe and our hope and prayer of faith is that there will not be a catastrophe. Thank you 
for your support, faith and prayers.

Wayne E Maurer

Mission President

Philippines Tacloban Mission
Sunday afternoon Update 3 for Typhoon Ruby:

Dear Parents and Friends of Tacloban Missionaries,

Last night was a night of strong howling winds, battering rain and NO power. Needless to 
say it was a LOONG night. However as day dawned it was obvious  that the worst was over, 
and people  started to emerge to assess and fix up their homes. As we looked around the 
Mission Home there were trees down, flooding on the street in front of us (6-9 inches), 
debris which had been blown, and the lighter winds and rain still happening.

The Mission Home sustained some more damage, water leaking in thru windows as it was 
driven, and the shattered sliding door downstairs giving rain and glass all over the 
floor and furniture. We still do not know the extent of damage for missionary apartments, 
since they are all in Chapels in each Zone (except for Borongan).

We have kept in touch with each Zone of Missionaries ( since they are all together in 
safe locations) up until 4.00am. At that point 3 Zones appear to have lost communication 
network. At that point they were ALL fine. We have since travelled to Tolosa Zone to 
establish they are great, and in fine spirits. Actually loving the experience. We are in 
the process of confirming Biliran and Carigara Zone.

Please be assured that this typhoon was NOT nearly as bad as the previous one (Yolanda) 
last year. It is unlikely that there is any major disruption to the work, however we will 
hold the missionaries in these locations at least until Monday. Thank you for your 
prayers of faith and hope. We felt them and thank our Heavenly Father for his bounteous 

Warm Regards,

President & Sister Wayne Maurer
Tuesday Morning Update 4 for Ruby:

Dear Parents and Friends of Tacloban Missionaries,

The storm has passed and blue skies and radiant sunshine abound here in Tacloban. All 
missionaries have returned back to their areas, except Borongan Zone and the new arriving 
missionaries. We are still to effect the transfer to incorporate these new missionaries, 
but hope to do it this week. Relief efforts are being distributed to Borongan and we will 
also assess the conditions in that Zone before sending missionaries to return.

There is no power in most of the mission, and so it is unlikely that missionaries will 
find internet available to email home. We anticipate that power will be restored in a 
couple of days. Thanks for your willingness to send your sons and daughters as 
ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

Wayne E Maurer

Mission President

Philippines Tacloban Mission

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

He made it to Tacloban

December 3, 2014

Hey so I am in Tacloban! I got here yesterday at about 6 my time! It's super hot but really awesome! I have to wait till tomorrow to get my first companion! But today I go out with I don't even know who and go proselyting in Tacloban City for 2 and a half hours. Anyways this can only be a quick email! I will email again on pday (Monday)! Oh and by the way there is a typhoon coming in! It's supposed to hit either today or tomorrow! But I'll be fine! I love you all!

Elder Child

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week #7 - at the Manila MTC

December 2, 2014


Well these past few days in the MTC have been quite an adventure!! (it's really in Quezon City) We did our first proselyting activity so that was quite an experience! The MTC has the lamest rules on cameras and taking pictures so I couldn't take my camera! Also yesterday (Monday) we got to go to a World War 2 memorial so I will include pictures of that! Sunday I went to a ward thing in the MTC which was fun! They do all the meetings in English here so that was nice! But now that I am around all these native speakers the language is getting easier and easier! It's fun being around all these Philippinos! They all want pictures with the tall white kid! haha It's the funniest thing! I went to the embassy yesterday too so I will include pictures of houses and a jeepney that I got from the van we are in! That dinner looks amazing! Oh and another happy moment! I am now only companions with Elder Moffat!! Happiest moment of our lives! Anyways, it does not feel like it is December here. It's so hot!!!! On average its about 80 degrees not including the humidity. The food is amazing here too! Their rice is so good!!!! It's all real as opposed to the Provo MTC. haha Well I gotta go pack my bags! I leave for Tacloban tomorrow (Wednesday)!!!! I love you all!

Elder Child

From the World War 2 Memorial:

Brett looking at downtown Quezon City

"With one of the many Filipinos"

Sunday, November 30, 2014

He made it to Manila

November 28, 2014

Hey just doing a quick email to say I arrived in the Philippines safe and sound! It is currently dumping rain so that is pretty awesome! I am going on splits later today and proselyting in Quezon City! well gotta go! I'm safe! I love you!
Elder Child

 Brett's district with two of their teachers before they left the MTC

 Saying good bye to one of his teachers

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #6


Well this past week has been really eventful! We got our travel plans last Saturday so I will include a picture of that. It's been so awesome leading up to my departure date! I'm kinda freaking out. Pero whatever. Basta, its been a very tiring week. Yesterday we had in field training which was an 8 hour long class with only one break for lunch. We learned about key indicators, how to gather referals, how to actually find investigators, and how to schedule appointments. But most important of all was that we learned that the people of our missions have been prepared by God their entire lives for us individually. It was so cool to be able to know that. We also recieved some bad news yesterday. Elder Shulkins (someone in my district) might now be able to leave with us to go to the Philippines because he has to get a colonosocopy. We have been praying for him ever since and we even gave him a blessing yesterday. Ever since I got here I have really felt the power of priesthood ordinances. When we gave the blessing yesterday I felt the spirit more strong than I have ever felt it before and I know the Lord will bless him according to his will. And yes mom I am allowed on youtube. But only to look up motab, general conference talks, and other church related songs. Also, yes I do have an assignment here in the MTC. I have been zone leader for the past three weeks so that has been a great opportunity to practice leadership. It's been kind of awkward because of my companionship because we are in a threesome. So me and my companion Elder Moffat are zone leaders and Elder Woolston just pretty much follows us around, can't go in any of the meetings, and just feels left out. So I feel kind of bad but whatever. He will get over it. Also today I attended the temple for the last time for the next two years so that was a good experience. I hope I can go at least once in Manila. Yesterday I had another opportunity to skype a native to the Philippines and that was an awesome experience! They talk so fast! Also do you think the phone you send me will work in the Philippines? Anyways how is everyone? I really like getting letters from everyone so keep them coming!! I'll be sure to send one in the mail before I leave the MTC so it won't cost as much! Well I love you all! Kita Kits!! Amping.

Elder Child

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week #5 - Winter is here

Family and friends,

Well first of all before I forget I had a great experience last Wednesday (the 5th). I had the opportunity to host new missionaries coming to the MTC and I go to host one international missionary and guess who it was!!! It turned out to be my roommate from EFY 3 years ago from England!!! It was so awesome to be able to see him again and catch up! Sadly I didn't get any pictures. Winter is also here though! It snowed yesterday and it was the most priceless thing to see all the islanders faces when they saw the snow. All of them were asking for pictures and insisting all day for snow ball fights. Man those guys can throw! So this week I have really made it my goal to study the whole hour of language study that I get every day and I have seen my progress shoot way up! It's crazy. Also last night me and my companions had the opportunity to skype a native Cebuano speaker and it made me realize how far I still have to go! Basta, I also want to share my missionary purpose sa Cebuano! Pangimbitar sa uban sa pagdual ngadto kang kristo pinaagi sa pagtabang kanila nga makadawat sa gipahiuli ang ebanghelyo sa pagbaton ug hugot nga  pagtuo kang JesuKristo og sa iyang pag-ula, paghinulsol, pagpabunyag, pagdawat sa gasa sa Espiritu Santo, ug paglahutay hangtud sa katapusan. Also For my missionary plaque I would like to use the scripture D&C 138:56. I'm happy to see that Sadie is coming along good! I can't wait to see her when I come back! It's crazy to think that in two weeks I will be half the world away from all of you! Are you still coming to pick me up at the end of my mission? I've also had the opportunity to go to the temple every week and that has really helped in my spiritual growth! I've heard from all of my teachers that it isn't a good idea to use your quad scriptures on your mission because they swell up really big. So i bought just a Book of Mormon since they said that's all you need! Well kita kits! Amping!

Elder Child

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week #4

November 7, 2014

Dear family that does everything AFTER i leave on my mission,

That looks so awesome!! But to be honest the Philippines is a lot prettier than Hawaii. This past week has been great in the language and in the teaching experience. even though i am progressing in the language and learning alot i know i wont know anything when i actually get to the mission field considering i have to learn two or three more languages while im there. haha but oh well. Yesterday i was blessing my food and i came up with a question, What doctrine teaches us to bless our food? Ive really been thinking about this and i still havent found my answer even when asking companions and reading in the scriptures. But oh well. See if you guys can find my answer! Basta (anyways), this week has been the best by far! Me and my two companions have grown so close and its amazing to see the unity we have in everything we do including teaching, companion study, just talking, language study, and pretty much everything else! Mom you said i havent been answering questions? Which ones? Can you believe ive already been gone for a month??? time really does fly when you are busy! Even though i feel like i have been in the mtc for an eternity it feels like i just got here like two days ago. If that makes sense. Also i have gained 7 pounds!! i dont know where though cause i cant see or feel any.difference in my body. On better notes i am the arm wresting champ in my district excluding the Fijian elder and the Samoan elder because thats just not fair. Would you also please send me photos and a photo book or something! i have no pictures of any of you!! Ill be sure to include some pictures in this email. Also i am getting better with patience with my companion so that has really helped in my learning and growth! ill be sure to find some time one of these days to send you a hand written letter! its hard because our schedules are so crammed and im doing something non stop every day. sorry im not very good at writing these emails. I just run out of things to talk about. Also one more thought! Study alma chapter 7! thats an awesome chapter!


Elder Child

Friday, October 31, 2014

Week #3


Well this past week has been way better than the first week. I am starting to grow closer to my companion and everything is starting to go smoothly. Yes i have met Elder Shulkins. We live in the same room! i will enclose pictures as well of him, my companion, my district, and just random things. Also yesterday we had another missionary arrive and he was added to my companionship so we are now a three some. He is great! its so crazy to think that i have only been here two weeks and the language is coming so smoothly. I can now have minor conversations (with a dictionary of course) and put together sentences. I can also bare my testimony, pray, teach small 20 minute lessons about the restoration, extend commitments, follow up on commitments, and do planning sessions all in Cebuano!! its all so crazy! The one challenge that i have really been having is tiredness. The schedule here is non stop and just plain crazy. 9 hours in a classroom every day is to much. So tell the kids they cant complain about school :p I'm still disappointed i didn't get to see they dog but oh well. Lets just hope it dosent attack me when i get back! The food is still giving me crazy tons of gas so nobody is pleased about that. Also i will be needing more lactose pills because im about to run out. Its weird to think i only left two week ago but it seems like an eternity. but not really because time has passed so fast. I can really see the lords hand in my life and how much he is helping me adjust to this new life style. Happy halloween!! im sad i am going to be missiong evans birthday and i hope you got his card in the mail!! Tell kehli those cookies were amazing and i really appreciate all her letters. Tell erin good luck at her swim meet and i wish i could be there! Tell adam happy birthday! tell adam to take care of the puppy so i can play with her too when i get back. Tell kendall that i miss her always being my little buddy. and tell evan he is so cool and i miss sword fighting with him! i love you all and i appreciate all the letters i am getting so keep them coming!

Elder Child

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week #2

Dear Family and Friends,

First i just want to say that its lame you got a dog the WEEK after i leave for two years. i mean no hard feelings or anything. But i think Koda sounds good for a name! But anyways the MTC has been good to me. i am really coming along in the language well! Its all so weird to me being able to speak cebuano even if its just a little bit! So there are so many restrictions on these computers i cant figure out how to send pictures :/ But being with a companion all the time has been a change. He is driving me insane!!!! I miss everyone so much! but i made it so sunday and i have been way better sinse then! The spirit has really been helping me a lot with my spiritual growth and with the language. I think that i need to pray more for patience and charity than anything else though. I know thatll help. But anyways, teaching our investigator has been great!! The only real barrier is the language. If we didnt have to teach in cebuano it would be so much easier. But ive now realized how much better it is to make use of our study time. Every part of me wants to talk to my district and mess around. But without that study time the rest of the day is slow and hard. We now spend 9 hours in the class room every day except for fridays and Sundays. And you know my mind goes crazy when i sit to long. During gym time i get totally killed in basketball because thats the "lords sport" as ive heard it said. But i have discovered that im good at volleyball. oh and i was playing basketball on monday and i was guarding this huge Polynesian guy and he went up for a layup and he kneed me right where it doesnt feel to good. so yeah ive been pretty sore for the past few days. Im so happy to hear everyone is doing so well at home and i wish i could be there to see it all! Tell everyone thank you for the letters and stuff. I love getting letters in dear elder so tell everyone to send me something through that! Well computer time is almost over so i gotta go. Love you all and Kita Kits!

Elder Child 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Week #1

Hello everybody!!

Kamusta ka? Or how are you? It still feels so weird thinking that i wont be seeing everyone for the next two years. And yes mom i have been writing in my journal so you wont have to worry about that. I guess thats not saying much though because its only been two days ;)  I still feel as if this is all a dream. I guess it really helps though that the food here is really good! I estimate that i will gain about 5 pounds before i leave the MTC in 6 weeks. Oh and by the way I fly out on November 27! Which i think is Thanksgiving. But anyways the MTC has been a great experience for me so far. It helps that i have such an amazing companion that is so strong in the gospel. I was a bit overwhelmed on my first day here when i walked into class because i couldn't understand anything my teacher was saying. But do you want to know something interesting? I can already vaguely understand sometimes. The language is very hard to learn but I know that through the Lord I can accomplish all things. Also i am freaking out because i teach my first "investigator" on Saturday IN CEBUANO!! This "investigator" is actually a convert. We are using his conversion story and already preparing his first lesson. It is all so crazy! Also i learned that there is a website that you can use called You can send me letters through this website and the bookstore here will print them out and put them in our mailbox! so as opposed to just reading letters on pday, i can get your letters out of my mailbox and read them everyday! See the bottom of the letter for my mailing address. Sad thing is that i cant respond to pday though. Anyways i can feel the spirit testifying to me everyday that the things i am learning are true and i can really feel the gift of tongues at work in my life. My new companions name is Elder Woolston and he is such a great example. He uses every opportunity to use the language  so it helps me a lot too. I am also rooming with an Elder from Fiji and an Elder from Kirbati. I had my first temple session this morning and it was such an amazing experience to go through it a second time. The one thing that has disappointed me so far was logging on to my email and seeing how many emails i DIDNT have! So please everyone write to me and tell me how you are doing and ask if you have any questions and i will reply through the emails i send to my mom. Well i love you all and i will be sure to send some pictures next week because i forgot my camera in my dorm today :/

Elder Child

Mailing address:
Elder Brett Richard Child
2009 N 900 E Unit 144
Provo UT 84602