Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #98

August 29, 2016


This week in the Philippines a heat wave strikes, a boil is popped, and I realize that agency is sometimes a very hard thing.

So yeah this week was awesome! This is the first time that I have been companions with someone from my batch so we have been enjoying it a lot! Elder Antrone will be going home in november. We are having so much fun but sadly his first week here a heat wave decided to strike and at the same time a lot of people decided to use their agency against us. So this past week we spent a lot of time walking. Like a lot. But on the bright side I now look like a brown filipino walking around and I had lots of time to just talk to my comp! We get along super well and it'll be a really fun cycle!

So on saturday I got some weird news. Tomorrow I will be flying to Manila solo so I can finish everything and get my visa for Brazil. It's kinda weird because I will be alone and I shouldn't be on an airplane for another 5 weeks. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My companion is kinda dissapointed that he isn't going. I might be able to go to Dairy Queen or something!!!! Haven't seen one of those in 22 months!

So Borongan is doing good! The members are really starting to help us out more in missionary work! Ever since we got a new branch mission leader things have actually started going faster! The members are also super happy that once again another elder will be having his last area here in Borongan! They love parties!
So this past week I figured I should probably take more pictures or my mom will get mad at me.

Also yesterday a huge surprise came! Our recent convert, Martin Baguinon, was called as the district executive secretary. It was a huge surprise and nobody was expecting it. 

So that's all I got for this week. Sorry it's not that much! I will try for more next week!

Elder Child

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #97 - one more trasfer to go!

August 22, 2016


This week in the Philippines families are found, sicknesses occur, and I find out I am going to be a grandpa!

So yes it just so happens that we found out this past week that my son, Elder Clark, will be training this cycle so that means I will be a grandpa!!! It's so great to see my posterity grow!! And even better is that we will be staying in the same zone!!!

So outcome of this past transfers. I will be staying in Borongan for my last transfer in the mission! That makes a total of 4 cycles here but I gotta say that I am loving it! Borongan has been such a huge blessing to me and I have learned so much here!! I am looking forward to spending my last cycle here and continually serving the people here! My new companion is Elder Antrone who just so happens to be my batch!! Sadly he isn't here right now and he will arrive tomorrow! I am currently companions with a branch missionary and we had a super fun morning of cleaning!! 

This past week we were finding and we decided to "maupay" a house that looked like it had nobody in it. It was a fairly big house compared to the rest of the houses on the street. Anyways when we "maupay"ed the house a very nice woman named Lizel came running out and talked to us. She was very happy to talk and immediately invited us to share. Sadly her husband was sleeping so we didn't get to teach but we rescheduled an appointment! When we went back they both sat down and said that they had been waiting! It was such a good lesson and the spirit was so strong. They shared to us of how they want to raise their kids in a Christ centered home and how this is what they were looking for.

So Elder Tanginoa left this morning to go to Tacloban! He will be leaving on Wednesday to go home. It really hit me watching him get in the van this morning that I will be doing the same exact thing in 6 weeks. It's all been so fast and wish it would go by slower. I have enjoyed my mission so much up until this point and don't know why it has to end so soon! This means that I have 6 weeks left to serve as a representative of Jesus Christ. I"m not going to be slacking off anytime soon! 

Well that's it for this past week! Thanks for all the love and support!

Elder Child

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week #96

August 14, 2016


This week in the Philippines MORE BAPTISMS, a father and son outing occurs, and I eat a 14 inch pizza all by myself :)

So this week was quite amazing!! We saw so many fun things and had so many good experiences!! To start off with Martin Baguinon got baptized!! This is the 4th Saturday in a row that Borongan has had baptisms and there will be some more this coming Saturday! I guess it helps that there are two companionships here in Borongan but it's a team effort! Anyways Martin enjoyed his baptism and it was an amazingly spiritual experience. He had the opportunity to share his testimony also and he shared about the change that he has seen in his life.

So Elder Clark and his companion are having a lot of success in their are also! We got to go up to their area and conduct some baptismal interviews and ended up getting stuck there for the night due to no rides... Anyways we worked with them that night and Elder Clark and I had a good time and lots of success! We wrapped up the night by going to a local pizza place, which was actually pretty good, and ordering 2 14 inch pizzas and some chili cheese fries! It was quite marasa (delicious) and I could have eaten more! I think it had to do something with the nametag I'm wearing though! Ever since I've put this bad boy on I seem to have a black hole in my stomach. Then that night we slept outside. Turns out that wasn't a good idea because I got eaten by mosquitos. I think they like my blood type because Elder Clark didn't get one bite!

Elder Tanginoa and I are getting along great and working hard! This will be his last week here in the mission so it's his goal to endure to the end and work hard!! We have seen so many blessings in our companionship! I have learned a lot from him and this will be a good last week for him!

This past Tuesday we had ZTM or zone training meeting! Elder Tanginoa and I gave a training on finding how we can be more urgent in the work of salvation! It was an amazing training and since then we have seen such a great jump in the success of the zone as they strive constantly to talk to everyone!!

Well that's it for this week! Shout out to the family cause they are now in Brazil. Sad thing is that I don't even have a visa yet. Oh well I guess I'll just stay in the mission a little longer! That wouldn't be to bad! Thank you all or your love and support!

Elder Child
Father/Son dinner: Father and son means that I am his trainer and he is my trainee.
 Our districts definition of finding:
 Zone lunch:
Martin's baptism:

Weeks #94-95

August 8, 2016

Hello!! (first three paragraphs were written before the black out last week)

Last week in the Philippines baptisms happened, parties were thrown, and I decide I want to learn how to dance!So this past week was quite memorable!! To start off with we had a baptism on Saturday!! Brother Nikki Rivera was baptized and then confirmed on Sunday! It was such an amazing experience and the spirit was so strong during the service! The sisters that are also assigned here in Borongan also had some baptisms so it was a good experience! To this day I still sometimes struggle to pronounce peoples names when I am baptizing them!! But it all went ok! Sadly our other investigator, Martin Baguinon, couldn't be baptized for other reasons but he will be interviewed be President Maurer this coming Saturday and then will be baptized on August 13th! He is so excited and can't wait!

So there are 2 people leaving to go on missions from Borongan! On Saturday night the branch held a going away party for them then of course we had a giant feast! Sadly the future elder didn't show up... just the sister! But oh well! It was still a fun time considering that the youth had a dance off! Also last Monday we had 2 FHEs that we had to go to so our schedule was kinda hectic! But we had an awesome time and came home that night quite full and ready to sleep!!

This week in the Philippines more baptisms happen, lots of meetings, and I realize that I am living with a hermit.
Yes all that is true! This week was full of traveling and lots of meeting that made me very very happy that I haven't yet or ever will be assigned in the office because meetings are so boring!!! But I learned a lot so that was good!

More baptisms in Borongan! I've gotta admit that sisters are amazing at missionary work! Don't know what we would do without them! They had 2 baptisms this past week and I got to baptize one of them! It was a good service and President Maurer himself decided to attend! 

Yes it is true. I am living with a hermit. He likes to be alone upstairs and absolutely refuses to sleep in the same room. He kinda has his own little nest up there!! He really doesn't talk either and only comes downstairs for companionship study, bathroom brakes, to take a shower, and to go out to work. It's a lonely life but ill survive! He has been like this his entire mission so it's nothing new I guess.

I am very very tired at the moment. I just got over being sick again and we have been traveling a lot but the work is amazing! Martin Baguinon will be getting baptized this coming Saturday and he is so excited! He is ready to be baptized and still going strong!

Our other investigators are doing fantastic! We are working hard and seeing so many blessings here in Borongan! Basta that's it! Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Child

"My batch all combined at ZL & DL training. Actually there were some missing...
 Brother Rivera's baptism:
 "we went on exchanges and this crazy tatay decided to lay down on my companions lap"
 District lunch:
 "a little girl I got to baptize for the sisters"
 "another investigator I got to baptize for the sisters"
 "yes, that's a bandaid on my forehead.  I had a very large pimple"
 Past companions: