Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week #2

Dear Family and Friends,

First i just want to say that its lame you got a dog the WEEK after i leave for two years. i mean no hard feelings or anything. But i think Koda sounds good for a name! But anyways the MTC has been good to me. i am really coming along in the language well! Its all so weird to me being able to speak cebuano even if its just a little bit! So there are so many restrictions on these computers i cant figure out how to send pictures :/ But being with a companion all the time has been a change. He is driving me insane!!!! I miss everyone so much! but i made it so sunday and i have been way better sinse then! The spirit has really been helping me a lot with my spiritual growth and with the language. I think that i need to pray more for patience and charity than anything else though. I know thatll help. But anyways, teaching our investigator has been great!! The only real barrier is the language. If we didnt have to teach in cebuano it would be so much easier. But ive now realized how much better it is to make use of our study time. Every part of me wants to talk to my district and mess around. But without that study time the rest of the day is slow and hard. We now spend 9 hours in the class room every day except for fridays and Sundays. And you know my mind goes crazy when i sit to long. During gym time i get totally killed in basketball because thats the "lords sport" as ive heard it said. But i have discovered that im good at volleyball. oh and i was playing basketball on monday and i was guarding this huge Polynesian guy and he went up for a layup and he kneed me right where it doesnt feel to good. so yeah ive been pretty sore for the past few days. Im so happy to hear everyone is doing so well at home and i wish i could be there to see it all! Tell everyone thank you for the letters and stuff. I love getting letters in dear elder so tell everyone to send me something through that! Well computer time is almost over so i gotta go. Love you all and Kita Kits!

Elder Child 

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