Friday, October 31, 2014

Week #3


Well this past week has been way better than the first week. I am starting to grow closer to my companion and everything is starting to go smoothly. Yes i have met Elder Shulkins. We live in the same room! i will enclose pictures as well of him, my companion, my district, and just random things. Also yesterday we had another missionary arrive and he was added to my companionship so we are now a three some. He is great! its so crazy to think that i have only been here two weeks and the language is coming so smoothly. I can now have minor conversations (with a dictionary of course) and put together sentences. I can also bare my testimony, pray, teach small 20 minute lessons about the restoration, extend commitments, follow up on commitments, and do planning sessions all in Cebuano!! its all so crazy! The one challenge that i have really been having is tiredness. The schedule here is non stop and just plain crazy. 9 hours in a classroom every day is to much. So tell the kids they cant complain about school :p I'm still disappointed i didn't get to see they dog but oh well. Lets just hope it dosent attack me when i get back! The food is still giving me crazy tons of gas so nobody is pleased about that. Also i will be needing more lactose pills because im about to run out. Its weird to think i only left two week ago but it seems like an eternity. but not really because time has passed so fast. I can really see the lords hand in my life and how much he is helping me adjust to this new life style. Happy halloween!! im sad i am going to be missiong evans birthday and i hope you got his card in the mail!! Tell kehli those cookies were amazing and i really appreciate all her letters. Tell erin good luck at her swim meet and i wish i could be there! Tell adam happy birthday! tell adam to take care of the puppy so i can play with her too when i get back. Tell kendall that i miss her always being my little buddy. and tell evan he is so cool and i miss sword fighting with him! i love you all and i appreciate all the letters i am getting so keep them coming!

Elder Child

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