Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week #7 - at the Manila MTC

December 2, 2014


Well these past few days in the MTC have been quite an adventure!! (it's really in Quezon City) We did our first proselyting activity so that was quite an experience! The MTC has the lamest rules on cameras and taking pictures so I couldn't take my camera! Also yesterday (Monday) we got to go to a World War 2 memorial so I will include pictures of that! Sunday I went to a ward thing in the MTC which was fun! They do all the meetings in English here so that was nice! But now that I am around all these native speakers the language is getting easier and easier! It's fun being around all these Philippinos! They all want pictures with the tall white kid! haha It's the funniest thing! I went to the embassy yesterday too so I will include pictures of houses and a jeepney that I got from the van we are in! That dinner looks amazing! Oh and another happy moment! I am now only companions with Elder Moffat!! Happiest moment of our lives! Anyways, it does not feel like it is December here. It's so hot!!!! On average its about 80 degrees not including the humidity. The food is amazing here too! Their rice is so good!!!! It's all real as opposed to the Provo MTC. haha Well I gotta go pack my bags! I leave for Tacloban tomorrow (Wednesday)!!!! I love you all!

Elder Child

From the World War 2 Memorial:

Brett looking at downtown Quezon City

"With one of the many Filipinos"

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