Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week #16

February 2, 2015


This past week went by so fast!! We did a ton of work and had a lot of progression in our investigators! We also found 7 new investigators and committed 4 investigators to get baptized on February 28!! And they are all super excited and progressing fast! I just had McDonalds like 30 minutes ago and my stomach isn't feeling to good! Also on Tuesday and Wednesday I had exchanges with the district leader so I had to be on my best behavior... even though I always am!! Let's see here, some cool and a little scary things that happened this week are I saw my first cobra! We were walking and I almost stepped on it cause it slithered out in front of us! It spread its hood and everything so we ran away! And then the second thing was bad. So region 8, the Tacloban mission, is the only mission in the Philippines with haunted apartments. We were walking in Canmogsay, our second area, and we were walking by the old elders apartment, which is now abandoned, and we saw a lady dressed all in white looking at us. The hair on my arms went all weird and I got goosebumps all over my body! It was scary! Anyways something pretty awesome also happened! My companion and I arranged a one day mission with our branch and we split up into groups and visited a lot of the less actives in our branch. That was Saturday. Then Sunday the attendance jumped from 100 last week to 130 this week!! That's ward status! The branch president was super excited and said he wanted to do another one day mission again! I guess the missionaries are kind of smart after all... Haha sadly I didn't get very many pictures this week but I'll send what I got! Email me back! I love you

Elder Child

Gretchen's notes:
*These two pictures are Brett on a trike - a motorcycle with a very large side car attached.  The little boy is Alex, the son of a member in Brett's second area
*Very interesting...I asked him about the "hauntings" and here is what he said: A lot of the apartments are haunted. There is even an apartment in Samar somewhere that is next to an abandoned morgue. There is an apartment in my district that has something that knocks on the bed frame at night. All night. In sets of 3. And last year there was a sister that went home because she saw the white lady in their apartment. And there is another apartment for sisters that when they sleep they float.

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