Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #34

June 7, 2015

And I'm back!!!

Well I think I have forgotten everything that happened last week but I will try to remember. I have officially concluded that my companion is a weirdo. With Harry Potter quotes and yelling spells at me there really isn't much crazier you can get. But yeah. Also last week I had some lady propose to me. She's a member... Also over the past two weeks we have had an Iglesia ni Cristo preacher continually try and bible bash and prove us wrong. So we gave him a pamphlet! Hopefully he wants to get baptized! So we have been having lots of success with all our investigators and less actives! They have started keeping their commitments and reading and praying and everything! Then Sunday came and we had 32 attendance at church. Yeah a little disappointing. Looks like we will have to try harder! We now have the branch visiting less active members so we know thatll help a lot. Basta about this week! This week has been really fun but I was sick on Wednesday so we didn't work then! But we still had lots of success. We had an FHE with a big family with investigators which was super fun! We taught about the Plan of Salvation (the hardest lesson for me to teach in Waray-Waray) and it went pretty good. Sadly we had to cut it short because it was 9 o'├žlock and we had to return home. Also Elder Thompson broke a house this week! We were at an investigators house and he was walking around and his foot went right through the floor!!!! It was so funny but sad at the same time cause he broke their house. But yeah that's a funny moment this week! Well my spiritual thought for this week comes from 3 Nephi 14:3-5. We need to first look at ourselves before we look at others and try and correct them! Well that's it! Thanks for all your love and support! I love you!

Elder Child

Pic 1 - Brett's "batch" - they all entered the mission field on the same day
Pic 2-3 - This was a district activity.  The girl on the back of the bike didn't know how to ride one so Brett drove her around all day.
Pic 4 - Traveling by boat; it started raining so someone shared their umbrella with him
Pic 5 - his district
Pic 6 - Family Home Evening with some investigators
Pic 7 - the sign says "Please do not pee here"

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