Monday, June 22, 2015

Week #36 - Happy Father's Day and 250 days out

June 22, 2015

Happy Fathers day! 

Well this week has been full of lots of fun and spiritual experiences! But first I have news. The transfers will be delayed 1 week because there is a festival in Tacloban so it makes traveling very very difficult. So yeah I get to stay with Harry Potter for another week. Some other great news. My computer is being exceptionally slow today so you probably won't be getting very many pictures. Sorry. Basta, this week has been great so I'll just start at the beginning. Actually Monday and Tuesday we stayed in Catbalogan because we had a district activity and district meeting and then on Wednesday there was a district leader training given by President Maurer. Sadly I did have to attend because my comp is the district leader. But yeah it was ok and I learned a lot. And then after that we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders back in our area so that was really fun! I got to go with Elder Finau who I have been friends with since Typhoon Ruby. So that was really fun cause he is a great missionary! We only had time to teach one lesson but it was probably one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in! And quite possibly one of the funniest. So we taught the plan of salvation to some of our investigators (our best investigators) and it was so awesome! They were actually asking meaningful questions and you could just feel the spirit in the room! Then came the closing prayer. The tatay (father) gave the closing prayer and he just started crying during the prayer! It was great. And then we just hear from off to the side some old nanay (during the prayer!!!) say "thank you Jesus". I've gotta admit it was quite possibly the funniest thing ever! We held it in until we left the house and then we just died laughing! But it was a really good lesson and I learned a lot from Elder Finau! So then we will just skip to Sunday because that was the best day of the week because we got to see the rewards of our labors. We had a staggering 49 in Sacrament attendance! That's huge! And we had 9 investigators at church! That's insane! Also the district president and Brother Nikki (a convert of my teacher from the MTC who just happens to be the richest person in region 8 (my mission) ) decided to pay a visit and the pretty much organized the branch because our branch doesn't know what it's doing. So yeah that was awesome! And my companion and I had to give talks yesterday but of course since we have been so busy all week we didn't have time to prepare so we decided to go by the spirit. Surprisingly our talks coincided and connected with the surprise talk of Brother Nikki! It's amazing to see how the Lord works and how everything works out if we trust in the Lord. My comp gave a talk on preparing to meet God. I gave a talk on faith. And brother Nikki gave a talk on Obedience. Well that's it for this week! Thanks for all your love and support! I love you all.

Elder Child

*Like he mentioned in the letter, his connection was very slow so we didn't get to go back and forth as much as usual.  He did get his new shoes in the mail so he was grateful for that.  He's keeping the old ones as a trophy of all his hard work.
*Pic #1 - district lunch - chicken curry 
*Pic #2 - on top of the apartment in Catbalogan
*Pic #3 - He sent the Father's Day picture for me to give to Mark yesterday.  Mark couldn't even finish reading it.  It was awesome.

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