Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week #62 - Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2015


Well not much time has passed since my last email so I will try and make this work!!

This area is awesome! I think I mentioned in my last letter that it's paradise but it really is! It's so beautiful here and it's awesome to be able to walk out of the apartment and look out over the ocean! The roads here are lined with Christmas lights and you can just feel the spirit of Christmas here! 

The work has been a little difficult in the past few days I have been here. Everybody is really busy and they just don't have the time to listen. But we got to visit a lot of less actives this past week and a lot of them even came to church! Speaking of church it was awesome! The members here in Albuera are so kind and willing to help! They have been so good with showing us around and helping us this past week! We appreciate their help.

Cebuano is awesome! It's kind of similar to Waray-Waray but not really! It's been a challenge learning it but I can now do pretty much everything I could do in Waray-Waray! The gift of tongues truly is appreciated! Especially when it helps you learn a language in a week! Only in this mission do you have to be worried about being transferred to a new language.

Just got this from some sister missionary:

     I am one of the sister missionary who received the gift you made. Thank you for the service and time for          preparing that thing for us- it will really a big help for me for teaching the people. 

     This Christmas, may the Lord bless you a bountiful blessings. May you always feel the Spirit of Christmas in    your heart. Thank you. and may God bless your family.

     Love, Sister Marcos

Well that's pretty much all I have for this week! I will have more next week!
Quote: "Obedience is something you do. Righteousness is something you are" -Chad Lewis

Elder Child

*The sister missionary who sent a thank you note must have received a Plan of Salvation kit that we made last year.  Brett had signed some cards before he even left for his mission and one mission must have had some left over and gave them out this year.  So sweet to get a thank you letter!
Pics 1-4: Brett with his former companion, Elder Clark; pictures of the Alang-Alang Branch at the farewell party for Brett

Pic 5: Elder Child and Elder Villaneuva, his new companion

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