Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week #87

June 13, 2017


This week in the Philippines, miracles happen, I realize that my nostrils are lopsided, and I lose my wallet.
So this was quite an adventurous week here in the Philippines! We did a lot of hard work and had so much success! There is a massive university in our area and the member students have really been taking missionary work seriously! We have been contacting referrals like crazy and they are all so awesome! Youth every where should take missionary work seriously! It makes you happy and it makes the person you are teaching happy! 1 Nephi 8:12

So yeah this week I lost my wallet. We were on our way to Tacloban on Friday to go on exchanges. The ride is a solid 3 hours so of course I fell asleep. So when I woke up I didn't realize that my wallet had fallen on the floor and I proceeded to get out of the van and leave the terminal! I only realized that my wallet was gone when we went to eat and I discovered that I had no money. So it was a really stressful day. So yeah I got all my cards canceled and everything. Then the miracle happened. On Sunday we were sitting in church when I get a text from some members in Hilongos, my last area. They said that they had gotten a call from a guy who had been the driver of the van we had been riding in. He was in Guiuan at the time which is a 2 hour drive from Borongan. They said that the guy had my wallet and he had found it the van just earlier that day! Anyways, long story short I got my wallet back even though I totally thought that it was gone!!

Also this week our house got broken into. We got a portable DVD player stolen and my USB. 

So yeah I had to go get my visa pictures taken this past week for my visa to Brazil. Anyways while looking at the pictures I realized that my nostrils are lopsided. Kinda weird.

Well that's pretty much it for this week! Thanks for all your love and support!

Elder Child

(Here are Brett's descriptions of the pictures)
Pic 1 - "some cool homemade goggles!"
Pic 2 - "failed attempt.  The sun was already up so I couldn't get a pic with the sunrise.  Next week na lang."
Pic 3 - "P day last week!  It was raining so the water coming down from the mountains made the ocean so dirty."
Pic 4 - "also this morning"
Pic 5 - "this morning"
Pic 6 - "a souvenir that a member from Hilongos got for me when they went and toured the Philippines!  It's so cool and hopefully it doesn't break before I get home!"

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