Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week #90

July 4, 2016


This week in the Philippines we get stuck twice, we travel a lot, and I walk through a rice field...

Well this week was quite an impressive week! We are both so tired of traveling and are looking forward to this week because we will only be traveling for 1 day. It's not fun having to travel to areas when you live in the biggest zone, land wise, in the entire mission. But it's been fun and we have seen a lot.

This past week we had a lot of stuff! We started off on Tuesday with MLC in Tacloban and that went until Wednesday! We talked a lot about how we should have a Preach My Gospel culture in the mission and also how there should be no -ites. For anyone that is not familiar with the Book of Mormon the civilizations are usually separated by a name and they put an -ites at the end of it. For example "Nephites". If you want to know who they are go find the Mormon missionaries. They will tell you. Anyways we layed a great emphasis on how in the Gospel of Jesus Christ there are no -ites. Meaning there is no discrimination or separation. We are one. So we are aiming for that in the mission too!

So yeah and then we were supposed to travel home on Wednesday but it just turns out that the biggest festival in all of region 8 was going on at the same time in downtown Tacloban, the Sangyaw Festival. So the only van company that provides rides to Borongan from Tacloban decided to shut down for the day. So we ended up staying the night in Tacloban again. 

So we had a pretty cool experience this past week! We had to go do some baptismal interviews in Dalores which happens to be Elder Clark's area! So when we got there we expected it to take about an hour and then we would be done! So we thought wrong! We ended up having to walk through like 2 kilometers of muddy rice fields to get to these peoples house because they couldn't make it to the church. So we finished at about 3 in the afternoon and then another curve ball hit us. There are no more rides going to Borongan from Dalores after 3pm. So we stayed there for the night!

Elder Rosit and I are doing great! We are seeing so much progression in Borongan and working our hardest!

We went caving this morning! It was the same cave I didn't make it too a couple weeks ago! Anyways I like the Filipino way of caving way more than the American way. You grab some 16 year old kid to guide you around inside so you don't get lost and then you are free to do what you want! This cave was massive! The biggest room we went into was about the size of an average LDS church in America! If you are not LDS and have never been inside one of the church buildings I encourage you to go! It'll be a great experience!

Well that's it for this week! Thanks for all the love and support!
Elder Child

 A forge in the Philippines:
lunch during MCL:
 MCL at the Mission Home:
 More from MCL:
 MCL break:
 just a funny shirt I saw some nanay wearing:
 old comps reunited (Elder Woolston):
 a triple pineapple:
 sisters taking selfies with my camera:
 my comp and I doing studies in the Mission Home:
 we had to go through this to get to a house of an investigator to interview her for baptism:
we went and explored a cave this morning.  this will be the only pic I send cause there are a million:

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