Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week #4

November 7, 2014

Dear family that does everything AFTER i leave on my mission,

That looks so awesome!! But to be honest the Philippines is a lot prettier than Hawaii. This past week has been great in the language and in the teaching experience. even though i am progressing in the language and learning alot i know i wont know anything when i actually get to the mission field considering i have to learn two or three more languages while im there. haha but oh well. Yesterday i was blessing my food and i came up with a question, What doctrine teaches us to bless our food? Ive really been thinking about this and i still havent found my answer even when asking companions and reading in the scriptures. But oh well. See if you guys can find my answer! Basta (anyways), this week has been the best by far! Me and my two companions have grown so close and its amazing to see the unity we have in everything we do including teaching, companion study, just talking, language study, and pretty much everything else! Mom you said i havent been answering questions? Which ones? Can you believe ive already been gone for a month??? time really does fly when you are busy! Even though i feel like i have been in the mtc for an eternity it feels like i just got here like two days ago. If that makes sense. Also i have gained 7 pounds!! i dont know where though cause i cant see or feel any.difference in my body. On better notes i am the arm wresting champ in my district excluding the Fijian elder and the Samoan elder because thats just not fair. Would you also please send me photos and a photo book or something! i have no pictures of any of you!! Ill be sure to include some pictures in this email. Also i am getting better with patience with my companion so that has really helped in my learning and growth! ill be sure to find some time one of these days to send you a hand written letter! its hard because our schedules are so crammed and im doing something non stop every day. sorry im not very good at writing these emails. I just run out of things to talk about. Also one more thought! Study alma chapter 7! thats an awesome chapter!


Elder Child

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