Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #6


Well this past week has been really eventful! We got our travel plans last Saturday so I will include a picture of that. It's been so awesome leading up to my departure date! I'm kinda freaking out. Pero whatever. Basta, its been a very tiring week. Yesterday we had in field training which was an 8 hour long class with only one break for lunch. We learned about key indicators, how to gather referals, how to actually find investigators, and how to schedule appointments. But most important of all was that we learned that the people of our missions have been prepared by God their entire lives for us individually. It was so cool to be able to know that. We also recieved some bad news yesterday. Elder Shulkins (someone in my district) might now be able to leave with us to go to the Philippines because he has to get a colonosocopy. We have been praying for him ever since and we even gave him a blessing yesterday. Ever since I got here I have really felt the power of priesthood ordinances. When we gave the blessing yesterday I felt the spirit more strong than I have ever felt it before and I know the Lord will bless him according to his will. And yes mom I am allowed on youtube. But only to look up motab, general conference talks, and other church related songs. Also, yes I do have an assignment here in the MTC. I have been zone leader for the past three weeks so that has been a great opportunity to practice leadership. It's been kind of awkward because of my companionship because we are in a threesome. So me and my companion Elder Moffat are zone leaders and Elder Woolston just pretty much follows us around, can't go in any of the meetings, and just feels left out. So I feel kind of bad but whatever. He will get over it. Also today I attended the temple for the last time for the next two years so that was a good experience. I hope I can go at least once in Manila. Yesterday I had another opportunity to skype a native to the Philippines and that was an awesome experience! They talk so fast! Also do you think the phone you send me will work in the Philippines? Anyways how is everyone? I really like getting letters from everyone so keep them coming!! I'll be sure to send one in the mail before I leave the MTC so it won't cost as much! Well I love you all! Kita Kits!! Amping.

Elder Child

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