Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week #25 - Happy Easter

April 6, 2015

6 months...

Well I've started to realize that this isn't really going to take long. I've already been out for 6 months and it's just going faster and faster. Anyways we just have transfers!! And guess what! I didn't get transferred... This means i am going to be in Talosa for 6 months. That's so long. Oh but Elder Dela Cruz is still my companion so that's good! So yeah finally after 6 weeks of cleaning up our branch after my last companion it is starting to progress again!! We finally got a branch mission leader. And it was the same guy that we suggested to the branch president 6 weeks ago but he waited 6 weeks and presented it as his own idea. Oh well! At least we got one! Also sadly I haven't had the opportunity to watch conference yet. We will be watching it this Saturday and Sunday! So this past week has been ok! Actually a little less than ok. We had 5 lessons total. My companion was sick with a 102 degree fever for 2 days and then we had delays on work because we didn't get support until Wednesday so we were completely out of money! Anyways Easter was fun! We didn't really celebrate it because my companion was about to die of sickness! Anyways we have set the goal for the next month to reach standard of excellence - 5 lessons, 20 new investigators, 2 baptisms. So yeah that's it! I love you!

Elder Child

Picture 1 - Beverly and Rinal Palana - 19 and 29-year old sisters who were baptized on Saturday.

Picture 2 - speaks for itself.  Brett is probably the tallest person to ever try and use it!

Notes: Lots of things shut down for Holy Week.  All of the public transportation was closed on Good Friday so there were stuck and unable to go to their area (they actually cover two areas but need a trike to get around).  He got two boxes that we mailed in January.  They had lots of food in them and Adam had decorated the outside of the boxes.  Brett loved that.  He is doing good, but the work in his area has slowed down since he has learned the rules and they don't teach if the circumstances don't allow.  That has been a little frustrating, but he and his companion get along well and they continue to push forward.

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