Thursday, April 2, 2015

Week #24 - Palm Sunday

March 29, 2015

Maajong udto!

So diri maupay an ini nga semana. Mayada kami 10 lessons lang. So yeah I don't know if this is still a test of our faith or what. Cause it's been being tested for the past three weeks. Hopefully we get blessings soon cause this is killing us! On the bright side we have two baptisms this coming Saturday!! These are our star investigators! They used to be Catholics but then they read the 10 commandments and realized that the catholic church doesn't follow them so they have been looking for the truth for a couple years. They have an awesome story too! Right after the first lesson we taught them they started receiving hard persecutions. Priests and preachers started visiting them and telling them to stay away from the Mormons. And using the exact words of one of them "stay away from those boys. They have their own book." But yeah they told us that they feel a huge difference when the talk to us and when they talk to the preachers! But this week we didn't even work two days because we got stuck in other areas due to no transportation. Anyways that's really all that happened! So yeah I love you!

Elder Child

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