Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #27

April 19, 2015


Well it hasn't been very long since the last time I emailed but it's been fun anyways! We have been having more and more success as the days go by and we are both very happy about that! This week there was even two consecutive days when we got 5 lessons each! We got 4 new investigators and committed another one to be baptized on June 6th and she accepted! We have been having a big problem though. We have a family of investigators who we think are just going to turn out as eternal investigators. The are the born Catholic, die Catholic type. The Catholic religion is literally the cause of all suffering for missionaries here in the Philippines. The problem with this family is that they won't accept the Book of Mormon. We have tried every approach and even, as our last try, we proved that we needed it using the bible. The problem is that they ask these questions and they don't listen. So we committed them to pray about it so we will see what happens. Also our branches are really starting to progress now too! I don't know why but our branch president in Talosa had a change of heart and he is really starting to take action. Also in the Canmogsay branch they are going to call a branch mission leader so that will really help progress the work there! Bad news though. One of our investigators is in the hospital. His mom told us that they woke up in the middle of the night and he was having convulsions. So yeah that's kind of scary. Oh and you know how I told you about Rina and Beverly? The two girls we baptized like 2 or 3 weeks ago? So yeah some Jehovah Witnesses have been visiting them and trying to convert them. It's funny to listen to the way Beverly describes it. So in our first lesson always with anybody we explain the mortal ministry of Jesus Christ and how he established his church. And how he established a specific form for that church. He Built his church on 4 specific foundations: Prophets, apostles, the priesthood, and revelation. So we explain that over time these four foundations were lost from the earth and the apostasy began because people were left with the Bible but no guidance from God. So of course a lot of people wanted to know the truth so they tried to understand the bible on their own and they formed their own churches. Basta, we explain that if a church doesn't have all 4 of these foundations it isn't true. So back to Beverly. The first thing she asked the Jehovah Witness people was if they have a prophet. Of course they answered no. After that she refused to listen. Rina and Beverly are literally the star investigators! They are so firm and can't be shaken. So my "spiritual thought" today is on faith. I want everybody who reads this letter to open to John 6:66 and read until verse 69. As a preface to this scripture there was a great falling away taking place in the church as a result of the persecution being heaped upon the saints. So Jesus Christ gathered his apostles around him and asked a simple question that I would like to ask all of you. "Will ye also go away?" Or in my words, when persecutions and trials are being heaped upon us are we just going to fall away and leave our faith? I'd like to think that we will answer this question the same way Peter did in verses 68 and 69. So yeah spiritual thought/kind of chastisement. Anyways that's it for the week! I love you all and thank you for your support and love.

Elder Child

Additional Notes:
*No pictures this week :-(
*I asked him if he attends the Branches in both of his areas and he said that they just attend church in Talosa because it is closest. Canmogsay is too far away.

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