Monday, May 4, 2015

Week #29 - over 200 days out

May 3, 2015

Good Morning!

Well this week wasn't very good. To start off with I was sick until Wednesday. Then the youth had youth conference in Sogod this week so all the leaders and our helpers weren't in town. Also all of our recent converts and investigators went too. We have a rule in the mission that you need a 30 year old male in order to teach someone of the opposite sex. So there was a lot of people that stayed that we could have taught if we had a 30 year old. But we didn't. It's hard to be improving and improving and working hard and then just get shut down. It really is a disappointment. But oh well. Hopefully the mission president doesn't call us or something. Anyways, we did have a couple good moments this week! We were teaching a less active about the word of wisdom this week (which seems to be a common problem here in the Philippines) And it was a super good lesson! He is always complaining about how he doesn't have enough money to go to church and provide for his family and stuff so we targeted the word of wisdom and told him that cigarettes don't do anything for you and are a waste of money. We were a little bold with him... basta, we told him if he stopped smoking he would have more money. I think he realized that we were right. But yeah good lesson there! But really that's all for this week. My spiritual thought can be found in Ether 12:6. I actually read this scripture in my personal study this week and it really hit me. God gives us challenges and trials all throughout our lives but it's all really to see how firm our faith is and to see if we will endure. And if we do endure he will bless us in the end. So yeah that's it! I love you all!

Elder Child

Notes: His computer froze up so we weren't able to go back and forth too much.  He is no longer sick.  We will get to skype with him next Sunday evening around 6:00 (best Mother's Day present I could get!).  There is another storm developing in the Pacific so we will watch that this week.  Hopefully it dissipates!  He sure is excited to hear all about his friends and their missionary papers going in and calls being received.  Such an exciting time for everyone!

Pic #1 - He says that they walked into a classroom on Sunday and that was on the board.  I'm not sure he didn't have something to do with it ;-)
Pic #2 - Some of the kids that he loves to be with.  He has always been a magnet for little kids and apparently that hasn't changed.
Pic #3 - The big typhoon that came through a year before Brett got there destroyed a Catholic church on this site.  So, someone put a Mary shrine there for people to worship.  We have requested that he tie his tie a little longer!

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