Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #32 - First full week in Gandara

May 24, 2015


Wow what a week! I have discovered since last Wednesday that this is definitely going to be a hard area. Last transfer my companion had a companion who didn't ever want to work so he doesn't know this area at all! Plus our teaching pool (last Wednesday) consisted of about a total of 10 people so that was a little interesting to see. Basta this past week has been full of hard work including finding, talking to the branch president, and just about everything else if you are opening an area! My companion is American and his name is Elder Thompson. He is a very good missionary with a big desire to be obedient and work. We live in the tiniest apartment I have ever seen! And we come home every night to cockroaches all over the place so it's fun to have a killing spree! Elder Thompson is definitely getting better at the language even though he has the worst American accent in the world! haha It's so funny to listen to him sometimes! The upside to having an American companion is that people really like to invite you into their homes and listen to you speak. Especially the girls. Anytime a girl sees an American here they instantly think "gwapo"(handsome). So it's a little challenging but fun none the less! But yeah about the work. We had a lot of finding. And this area is huge so that meant a lot of walking. My shoes now have holes in them. Anyways we have 7 new investigators and we taught more lessons in the past week than he taught with his last companion in the last transfer so he was a little happy with that. Then it got to Sunday. I don't really think you can call the Gandara branch a branch. It's more of like a group! haha We only had 41 sacrament attendance and then I had to force a "branch" council afterwards. So we kind of just sat them down and told them all this stuff they need to do because they have no organization at all. Oh well I hope that by the end of this transfer it has improved a little bit! Also this past week I had the opportunity to ride in a ambulance! We were working with a member and trying to get a ride to a super far away barangay and a ambulance happened to stop to get some snacks and the member asked if they would give us a ride. So they did so that was pretty awesome! Basta that's pretty much it for this week! My spiritual thought for this week is just strive to be like the 2060 stripling warriors! That's my goal too! Well I love you all and thank you for your love and support!

Elder Child

*I asked him how they kept their food uncontaminated from the roaches.  Brett said that they have to put their food in bags and tie them shut.  And they have a "drying cupboard" to put their dishes in so the bugs can't walk all over them.
*They found a new family to teach last night.  It is a mom and her two teenage children.  The father ran away.  The daughter's name is Angel and they asked the missionaries to come back every day to teach them.  Brett told them they could come every other day.
*Pic #1 - Just Brett and a little boy.  So cute!!
*Pic #2 - Elder Thompson and a big praying mantis
*Pic #3 - Brett and his district having lunch.  He said the pizza was disgusting.
*Pic #4 - Elders on a pot pot.  It belongs to a member in their branch.  It is the family vehicle.

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