Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #38 - Transfers, but no word on a new companion

July 5, 2015


The week of exchanges has come! And my comp is transferring! And I am staying in the area! But that's awesome because I love the area of Gandara!! I have seen so many blessings in this area and I have seen that if you work hard, the Lord will bless you in the end!!!

So this past week has been stressful. With knowing that transfers were coming up we were just trying to visit everybody that we could! My comp is so awkward with goodbyes... Anyways we did a little better this week! We didn't get the highest number of lessons in the mission but that's ok because lessons don't matter. One theme I have tried to stick to my entire mission is "teach people, not lessons". These people are the reason I am out here. Not so I can get the most lessons in the mission. Basta this week was so awesome!!!! We had so many spiritual, heart touching lessons! And then we got to see the rewards of our labors on Sunday!! We had 11 investigators come to church AND the sacrament attendance was a staggering 53!!! That's the highest it's been since the Gandara Branch was established!!!! It was so awesome to see the people there and it makes me so happy!!

So something I have learned here in the Philippines is that parents don't discipline their kids here. I had to be the parent for 7 kids yesterday during sacrament meeting. The kids in question were playing dodge ball with chairs, jumping of tables, and screaming at the top of their lungs.So yeah, me and my comp took care of that real fast.

Well my spiritual thought today originates from a book my mom sent me titled "30 Ways to Love Your Mission". The chapter I want to focus on is called "Thoughts." Everything originates from thoughts. And thoughts can be the most destructive thing here on the mission. Even 5 minutes of thinking of something wrong can lose you the spirit the rest of that day. And if there is no spirit there is no work. 

Well I am excited for transfers!! I'll tell you all about them next week! I love you all!

Elder Child

The only picture we got this week was of Brett's companion in a bathroom

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