Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #40

July 19, 2015


Well this week has been full of so much fun... kind of. It's been a really good week for work though! We set a record for the amount of lessons that has ever been taught in Gandara in one week! And we saw that it payed off!! It was such a good week and I had a lot of fun!

The work was so awesome and there are so many lessons I would like to tell you about but we will only stick to a couple! The first one is the Alcala family. I know I talk about them every single week but they are just to awesome. We had an awesome lesson with them this week where we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lesson 3 for short. Basta, this is one of my most favorite lessons to teach because it has everything that we need to do in this life! Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end! The reason I like this lesson is because we get to use so many scriptures and the spirit is so strong whenever we teach it! The reason I liked this lesson is because the Alcala family invited their friends over to listen also!!!! They do more missionary work than all the members combined in this branch! They are so awesome. They have been giving us referrals every single week because they just talk to everyone about the gospel. Sadly they are the ones that don't have a baptismal date because the daughter and her uyab are live in partners and haven't gotten married yet. Someday!

Another lesson was with Abel Valasco. He is our investigator with a baptisimal date! So me and Elder Hepler (the zone leader) went to teach him on Wednesday and at the end of the lesson he came right out and said he wants to serve a mission! Sadly we had to tell him he can't because he is 36 years old and has 4 kids all of which are still in elementary school. But we found the perfect calling for him when he gets baptized! Branch mission leader. It'll be perfect for him because he wants to do missionary work.

Communication with my companion has gotten no easier. He refuses to learn Waray Waray and only speaks Tagalog. So I understand a little but not very much.

Being a district leader has gotten no easier. It's still so stressful and I'm always worried about my district. It's also fun at the same time though because I get to communicate with them a lot more and help them with their problems!

Well that's it for this week! The work is going good and we had 12 investigators come to church yesterday!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Child

#1 - Brett was excited to find this little Filipino boy with blue eyes.  He said the whole family has blue eyes, which is not common there.
#2 - dinner with some members
#3 - out working and ran into some of the Branch members
#4 - tricycle
#5 - Brett titled this picture "welcome to Gandara, where the water is black".  He said that was his shower water for the day.  It isn't always black, only occasionally.

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