Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #54

October 26, 2015

Well this past week has been full of adventures! We have been increasing in our work because we are finally getting a bigger teaching pool and we are starting to see so many blessings in the ward where we are serving!!
So like I said our teaching pool is increasing every day and it's getting so much more organized every day! Back in our first few weeks when we got punted from an appointment we would usually just go finding because we didn't have any backups or anything! But now we do!! Anyways our work was amazing this week and we saw a lot of blessings on Sunday! We have really been trying to get a lot of our less actives to start coming to church and there is a particular family that we have been concentrating on these past few weeks called the Perez Family. They are a very kind family and we discovered that no missionaries have been out to their house for almost 2 years!!!!! So we are the first missionaries to have visited them and i guess we have grown on them! And then this past sunday a miracle happened! They went to church! We are currently trying to get home teachers for them since that's something region 8 is terrible at. Hopefully they continue to progress and they return fully to the church. Also our investigators are progressing amazing! Ryan Morfe is truly being blessed with learning powers as we teach him because he remembers more and more every single time! His faith grows every time and we can see the Lord's hand in his life. The Ancheta Family is also progressing well but not as well as we would like. They seem to have the desire but not the drive to follow and keep commitments. Accepting and keeping commitments is the only way their faith will grow. We will keep trying.
My companion and I continue to get along great and every day is something new. He never fails to make me laugh and I don't think I could have asked for a better companion. It's crazy how fast the time is flying with him here in Alang-Alang. His language continues to progress at amazing rates and all the members compliment on how good he is doing!
This week we got to eat Letson Turkey and Letson Baboy (pig). Which pretty means these bad boys were cooked over a fire and they were amazingly delicious! Elder Clark was happy to be able to eat so much meat! And yes the turkey that we ate was the exact same turkey my companion beat with a broom last week!
Well that's it for this week. We continue to see the Lord's hand in our lives and in the work. One thing I learned this week is to never think that you know enough and think that you can do this work by yourself. You can't. We always need to depend on the Lord in all things. No matter what. Thank you all for your love and support!
Elder Child

*Brett said that there is a new rule that he is not allowed to email chat any more.  It came down from the Twelve Apostles so I assume it is for all missionaries worldwide.  That makes me sad, but I know if I follow that rule Brett will continue to be blessed.  It will be hard to turn my phone notification off next Sunday night!

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