Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #51

October 4, 2015


So this week has been awesome and we have both worked so hard to actually get a feel for this area! We have been walking so much and one day my companion even brought his ipod with him that has a pedometer and in one day we walked a total of 9 miles and nearly 20,000 steps! It was insane and it was probably our busiest day out of the entire week! We have seen so many blessing from just being obedient and diligent in the work and I am so happy that Elder Clark has the opportunity to experience opening an area!

Sadly the elders before were kinda bad so right now we are really focusing on building up the members trust in the missionaries again! We are starting to get a warmer welcome and members are starting to work with us more and more!

So this past week has been amazing! We have been finding a lot so we can build up our teaching pool a little bit and we were met with success this week! We found two new investigator families and they are pretty awesome! One is the Miralles family and the second is the Cuista family. But I want to talk about the second. We met the father while out finding last week. He is a pedicab driver so we asked him for a ride because we had to get to a pretty far barangay. So naturally as we were riding I struck up a conversation with the guy and he turned out to be really nice! Sadly my companion had no idea what we were saying so I had to explain it to him later on. Basta, the guys name is Benny Cuista and he was super interested and immediately asked what time church started on Sunday! So we gave him a pamphlet (those things are amazing) and wrote down our number  and told him to text us. The very next day he texted us and we set up an appointment for Saturday! So we went and visited them and the were amazing and so receptive. They even invited us over for lunch this week! We are convinced they have been prepared for us!

Well training Elder Clark is still going awesome! He is an amazing missionary and has such a big desire to share the gospel! He is doing amazing in the language and I am actually impressed with the progress he has made!

Well that's it for this week! Thank you for everything you do and I love you all!!

Elder Child

*Brett's companion from his previous area that had the seizures has gone home.  He was given the choice to go back into the mission field or go home and he chose the latter.
*Pic 1 - Elders' Child and Clark - two blue eyed American boys
*Pic 2 - Brett standing in a rice field with pathways through them
*Pic 3 - While waiting for the new missionaries to arrive two weeks ago Brett had time to visit some friends that he met while serving in Tolosa.  These are two sisters that Brett had the opportunity to baptize.  They are doing great and progressing.  The older of the two serves in the branch as a Primary teacher.  Brett was so happy to be able to visit them!

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