Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #81

May 2, 2016

This week in the Philippines I take a really long ride on top of a jeepney, we travel a ton, and we solve problems.

So this week in we didn't have very much time to work in our area! With someone in our zone having baptisms every week we have to perform baptismal interviews and their area is very far away. It doesn't help that there are no rides coming back to Borongan after 3pm. We are both hating traveling so much and this week won't be fun at all since we have to be traveling for meetings in Tacloban. But we are enduring and despite the little time in our area we have been going hard!

So we have really learned the importance of planning ahead. We have found this past week that without planning everything becomes a mess! Thank goodness for daily planning!

That was weird! So anyways we had some super fun experiences this past week! So we had to go to do some baptismal interviews this past week and we ended up having to do some exchanges due to problems. So as we were all trying to get a ride back a jeepney pulled up filled to the brim. So naturally, because it's the Philippines and it was the last trip going back to Borongan, we climbed on top and rode there! It was so fun and we got some cool videos and pictures with the sick selfie stick that I got! Good memories!

Also another fun experience! On Tuesday we were told that we had to give two trainings to the two districts in our zone! So we gave the training to our district in the morning and gave the second training to the other district in the afternoon which ended at about 5pm. The second one just happened to be one of the furthest areas away from our area. Anyways we decided that we really missed our area and set out to do the impossible. Catch a ride back to Borongan after 3pm. So we hitched all the way until the closest area to our area but that was as far as we got! Guess what we got rides in! Some guys weird multicab thing and a cement truck!! It was an awesome adventure! Don't worry because hitching is ok here in the Philippines! Everyone gives everybody rides!!
So we have an Investigator! Her name is Trisha and she is awesome!

So just another fun fact I think I forgot to put in my letter last week! My companions name is Elder Ama. "Ama" in Tagalog means father. So we have a fun companionship as father and child. Everyone points it out like we haven't already heard it a million times! 

Also my companion shared something really cool with me this past week! "Ama" in Samoan is the boom that people have attached to their boats to make it balanced. He shared that we need to have our lives balanced at all times! Spiritual and Temporal! 

Anyways that's it for this week! Sorry no pictures because the computer had something done to it that won't let me look at my pictures. Sorry!! I love you all!

Elder Child

I found these pictures on facebook - one from his Mission President's wife, and the others from his former companion, Elder Brimhall


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