Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #80

April 24, 2016


This week in the Philippines I get put back in Waray-Waray, I meet Elder Bowers' (my cousin) trainer from the mission, and I'm gonna kill my companion.

So this week came as a big surprise to me!! I got a call on Monday night from president telling me that I was going to be transferring. I was so sad to see Hilongos go. I loved the area so much and I grew so close to all of the members. Now I am in Borongan, Samar. The Waray Waray here is way different from the Waray that I learned before so I have been struggling a lot especially because I am coming from a Cebuano area! In the middle of talking to somebody I will suddenly realize that I am speaking in Cebuano and they don't understand me. It's been a struggle.

My new companion is Elder Ama. He is Samoan but he lives in Utah. He is so awesome and this is his last cycle in the mission hence the phrase "I'm going to kill my companion". Technically it means that I am ending his mission life. Basta he is so awesome and I have been learning a lot from him. We are both zone leaders here and I just happen to be a district leader at the same time. My life just got really hard...

So just a little info about the area! We are right on the beach here! It is beautiful and the water is clean and just crazy blue! Borongan comes from the root word borong which means fog. So technically Borongan means "place of fog". So that's kind of cool! We are in a branch here that is pretty strong but could use some improvements. We both look forward to serving here!

So just a really cool experience I had this week! We were teaching one of our investigators whose name is Trisha. She is 17 years old and she is super close with everyone in the branch. Basta we went into the lesson just planning to ask a couple questions and see how her faith was so far. Then as we were talking we felt inspired to share a message about trusting in the Lord. We shared Alma 36:3 and asked in what ways have you and can you trust in the Lord. As she was answering she broke down in tears and told us about all these trials that had started coming into her life ever since she had started investigating the church. She has been wondering for so long why they are happening and why they don't stop. So then we shared Ether 12:6. We helped her realize that these trials are arriving in her life because the Lord knows that she can conquer them. He gives us trials to strengthen us and make us into the people he knows we can become! It was an amazing lesson and I learned just as much as Trisha did! The Lord will never allow trials or sins to come into our lives if we are not able to conquer it!

So this week was kinda cool! There is a man named Gilbert Discaya here who is pretty cool! I got to go on splits with him on Saturday and as we were talking I found out that he served in the Philippines Baguio mission! So I asked him if he knew my cousin, Elder Bowers. He responded crazily and told me that he had actually trained Elder Bowers. Super cool experience!

Well that's it for this week! Thanks for all you do and I love you all!

Elder Child 

Pic #1 - at the beach with some members
Pic #2-3 - with his new companion
Pic #4 - at lunch on the beach with the district
Pic #5-6 - They were playing volleyball on P-day and the ball went on the roof.  They sent Brett up to get it.
Pic #7 - the last picture with Elder Brimhall before transfers (?)

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