Monday, September 12, 2016

Week #100

September 12, 2016


This week in the Philippines pants rip, power bills arrive, and I eat pizza hut :)

So this internet shop keeps deciding to cut off the internet or something so I am really struggling. haha but we will endure and see how this works out!!

So this past week I went to Manila again. Just to update you, two weeks ago I had to travel to Manila to apply for a Brazilian Visa. So I went and they told me that there was some paper work missing and I needed to come back. So that was kind of frustrating because coming back meant I would have to fly back to Tacloban and then travel back to my area. They told me I needed to go get barangay (if you don't know what that is, google it) clearance. So technically I had to travel all the way back to my area and talk to some guy that I have never seen before that is in charge of the barangay I live in and get a signed paper that says I am a law abiding citizen. Then I went back to Manila carrying that one piece of paper! Basta now everything is hopefully good to go!

But just some good things. While I was in Manila I ate Pizza Hut and Subway. I have not eaten that in nearly 23 months! It was quite delicious and I might have cried from happiness while eating it.

I saw a naked person walking the streets of Tacloban.

So yeah this past week my pants ripped. It happened because we locked ourselves out of the house and I had to climb a wall and stuff and then climb through a window to unlock the door. So the crotch of my pants ripped as I was climbing the wall! But it's good now! I had someone sew it all up!

So the work these past two weeks has been difficult here in Borongan. This past week something called Patron was celebrated. Basically the Catholics throw a giant fiesta and celebrate Mary's birthday. So anyways it was kinda hard to work because everyone was busy preparing and all the fathers were out working and stuff so we couldn't get in to teach anybody! But we did have some success! This past week we found a new investigator family! They are they Catilo family and they are so awesome! They are so receptive and they asked when we could come back and teach them again. We will be going back to teach them this week. Also our recent convert, Martin Baguinon, is a working maniac! He works with us almost every single day and says he is planning on going on a mission!! He is so amazing and he is growing so much in his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It feels so weird to say I only have 3 weeks left. I love this mission and I love the people here. I have seen so much change in so many people and I have seen it in myself. Thank goodness I don't have to travel anywhere anymore and now I can just concentrate on the work! 

Well that's it for this week! Thank you all for your love and support. I apologize for not sending pics. My card reader is no longer accepted by the computers here so I need to buy a new one!

Elder Child


PHILIPPINES TACLOBAN MISSION                                                             September 12, 2016
511 Maharlika Highway
Fatima Village
Tacloban City, LEYTE 6500

Dear Brother and Sister Child,

Elder Brett Richard Child -
We have had the honor and privilege of serving alongside your son as a missionary in the Philippines Tacloban Mission. He has been valiant in discharging his responsibilities and we have loved helping him grow during this period in his life.
Completing a full-time mission indicates dedication and consecration, and you can be proud of his accomplishments.  We value the influence you have had in preparing your missionary for this dedicated service. He has been a great influence through his leadership and fine example, not only to members and investigators, but also among his fellow missionaries.
As you are aware, he has served in the following leadership positions:
·        District Leader
·        Zone Leader
·        Trainer
As the time of dedicated missionary service comes to a close, we feel eternal conversion is his focus.  As he continues to strengthen his testimony and serve his family and fellowmen, we trust you will welcome him home with love and enthusiasm. 
Sincerely your brother,
Wayne E Maurer
Philippines Tacloban Mission President

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