Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #102 - last full week in the mission field

September 26, 2016


This week in the Philippines investigators find us, support packages come in, and I get to do missionary work with a car for the first time in two years!

So yeah this past week was quite eventful!! It went by super fast and so many things happened! On Tuesday we started off with my last ever district meeting and then we had exchanges with the Can-avid Elders. I got to work with Elder Gaddi, a Filipino from Luzon. He is such a hard worker and it was good to be able to work with him!! He is fairly new in the mission and is being followed up right now! It was great to see his enthusiasm for the work and it inspired me to be more enthusiastic! 

Also a huge miracle happened! So last Sunday a less active decided to come to church with his live in partner. Their names are Emmanuel Almejas and Mylein Joy Salvador. Emmanuel has been hiding from me for the past 5 months every time we went by their house but last week a huge change happened! We aren't quite sure what caused it... Anyways they both showed up at church, approached us, and told us the the sister wanted to be taught, get married, and then baptized. So we of course organized an appointment and then we visited them on Saturday! We shared with them the Plan of Salvation and it was such a spiritually rich lesson. We could see Mylein's desire as she listened. At the end of the lesson we felt prompted to commit her to baptism and she accepted! She commited to prepare herself to be baptized on December 10. Miracles!

Got 3 packages this past week! Thanks mom. Also the envelopes marked saying "don't open until your flight to Brazil" are really stressing me out.

So this past week we got to work with the assistants here in Borongan. Anyways long story short Elder Revillo and I got to use the car because the assistants have one! So that was a weird experience since I have been walking or riding in tricycles my entire mission! 

This is my last week. Time is passing fast. Thanks for all your love and support! 

Elder Child

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