Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #101

September 19, 2016


This week in the Philippines more pizza, recent converts go hard, and my companion decides to go on a diet.
So this past week was awesome and really busy! We had to travel for baptismal interviews but we still got some quality time to work in Borongan! Also our recent convert, Martin Baguinon, worked with us every day this week and told us that a year from now he is planning to be in the mission field so he wants to get as much experience as possible! He demonstrated this by referring us to his friends this past week! Their names are Gelirose and Jeran and they have a little girl. They were so amazing and Martin has been preparing them for several weeks so that we could go and teach them! They were so receptive during the lesson and said it was almost like an answer to their prayers. Later that night we received a text that they had been having financial problems recently and they said they had just found a solution to their problem. They told us it was almost like a coincidence. Blessings...
So here in the Philippines people kind of don't have filters on their mouths (I apologize if I offend anyone when I get home). So my companion isn't the skinniest person in the world and the members here love to tell him so. Also there is a restaurant chain called Jollibee and they claim that he is the mascot. So this past week he decided he was done being called fat so he decided to go on a diet. He lasted a grand total of 1 day. I think he lost like 1 pound though! Maybe...
So yes I am on a roll with the pizza. It is my new favorite food! We got the chance to go to Elder Clark's area again and eat some delicious foods.
So that's pretty much it for this week! Thanks for all your love and support!
Elder Child

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