Monday, March 23, 2015

Week #23

March 23, 2015


Well sorry I have been getting on so late these past two weeks! We have been really busy and we had a zone activity this morning! It was pretty lame but oh well!!!! Right now as I am typing this I am about to poop my pants but I refuse to use the restrooms anywhere but in our apartment because that's the only place with toilet paper! And I'm not willing to cross over on that aspect of Filipino life! This week was once again an ok week. We only had ten lessons this week again. I hate getting punted! So yeah not really any highlights of this week. Yeah so update. I just turned. I couldnt hold it... oh well!!!! haha  Well we had exchanges this past Tuesday and that was pretty fun! the elder I was with had been previously assigned in my area so he had a lot of fun!!! Also last night we had a lot of elders stay over at our apartment so we marinated some pig parts and made our own homemade bbq out of some screen we found and some charcoal and it was so good! We had a boodle fight which isn't what you think it is but I'll send you pictures! Oh and then we got invited to attend a members 18th birthday party! Here in the Philippines they take 18th birthday parties seriously! Like it's a big celebration! We also had the opportunity to watch a spider fight yesterday so that was exhilarating. Not. Probably one of the most boring things ever! Basta I really have nothing to say! so email me back with questions!! I love you! 

Elder Child

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