Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #50 - Now a trainer and in a new area

September 28, 2015


Well this past week has been awesome and an adventure! Opening an area and training is something that really is a challenge but I have been enjoying it thus far! We are in Alang-Alang which is in Tacloban zone! I am in my very first ward!

My new companion and my trainee is Elder Clark. He is from California and he is so excited to be here in the mission! I have been so impressed with him so far! He has no fear to speak the language and speaks at every opportunity he gets! The people here love it!! He is chill and easy going and really just rolls with everything!  Also this morning I had the opportunity to teach my companion how to do laundry! Every time I look at him I am reminded of myself about 10 months ago! (that's weird to say) It's really hard having to lead everything as a trainer because the trainee doesn't really know anything. But Elder Clark is catching on so fast!

So yeah the work here has been pretty hard the past few days because we have had to find everyone in the ward! We have done a lot of walking and talking which has been great for Elder Clark who says he wishes we had a car because we walk so much! We have found a lot of the members and along the way we found a lot of new investigators also! This area is so awesome! Just this morning someone we talked to on the street texted us and said he wanted us to come visit him and his family. He even said he was going to invite his parents also! So we started off the day happy! Yesterday we had some ward missionaries come work with us and the ward mission leader! So they took us on pretty much a tour of the entire area! So hopefully this week we can do a little better is teaching lessons and not just getting lost!!

We had a couple good lessons this week but there was one that really stuck out to me! We were teaching an RM and her recently converted husband. Their son is currently in jail because he was a member of a gang that assaulted a minor. He wasn't involved in the assault but he was watching. Anyways the mother is having a really hard time with it so we shared Elder Clark's favorite scripture verse, 2 Nephi 22:2, and taught her about trust and that God knows our pains.

But yeah that's pretty much it for this past week. I love you all!

Elder Child

*The picture is of Brett and his new trainee, Elder Clark.  He currently has a brother serving in the Kennewick Mission and is working in Pasco right now.  Small world!
*The Ward he serves in now had 123 in attendance on Sunday, which is quite a change from previous areas.
*He said his new apartment is awesome, but didn't elaborate.

*He got his hump day box and opened it already (Stinker!!).  Thank you again to everyone that sent a picture or wrote a note of encouragement for him.
*The bottom pictures were posted on the Mission facebook page when the new missionaries met their trainer

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