Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #71

February 21, 2016


Well this past week in Albuera I started back up eating, my poop is solid again, and I ate some weird snail things.

Well this past week I got back to full health! I feel awesome and back to my attractive self once more! The amoeba is officially gone and I am thankful to be off the medication since it was doing so weird things to my body!

So our work was awesome! We spent so much time finding this week and we were so successful! We found a new investigator family! The Ramada Family! We actually talked to the mom of the family a couple weeks ago but schedules and times haven't really worked out until this past week! They are a young family and so open and receptive! We taught them the Restoration this past week and we could feel the spirit so strong during the lesson! When we asked if we could come back the were excited to accept and told us to come back on Wednesday!

Our referral that we received from the Bishop here is doing awesome! Grace is her name and she came to church yesterday! She has a huge desire to learn and grow and I know that she will continue to progress!!

So we had something amazing happen to us this past week! We were out finding on Thursday and it had been a long day! We had walked a ton and knocked on about 1000 houses. So we decided to make a quick pitstop at a tindahan and buy some drinks and eat a snack! While we were sitting there we got to talking with the owner of the tindahan and the talk soon turned to the Gospel. Then she asked us an amazing question! Kay ngano naay daghang simbahan diri sa kalibutan? Or why are there so many churches here on earth! What an amazing question. So we pulled out a pamphlet and gave an explanation and asked if we could come again and she said yes! Then something even more amazing happened! She turned around and pulled a worn down Book of Mormon off the shelf in her tindahan! She told us that her brother had given it to her a couple years ago and she had been reading it ever since! This just strengthened my testimony that God really does lead us to those people that he has prepared after we have done our part!!

Well my spiritual thought comes from 2 Nephi 31. For those that have been confirmed members of the Church we all heard the words "receive the Holy Ghost". This phrase is important to remember. The word receive denotes that we have a choice. Just because we are confirmed does not mean that the Holy Ghost automatically accompanies us always! We need to strive to be worthy to receive it and also have a willing heart! Let us all strive always to be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost!

Well that's all for this week! It's been good and it will continue to get better! Thanks for all you do!

Elder Child

Finally some pictures!!
Pics 1-3 - having Family Home Evening with a family; second pic is of the game they played (I love the ladies face!)
Pic 4 - "just a cute kid"
Pics 5-6 - they went to the Albuera Square and pretended to be actors

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