Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #69

February 8, 2016


Well this week was hard. The weather has kind of been against us also. But we pressed on and received some good blessings!

We got a new investigator!!! His name is ReyMark and he is awesome! He is actually a friend of a less active and he just started deciding to sit in on the lessons we have been teaching. From this I learned an important lesson and something I need to start applying to the work. I need to start asking for referrals from everybody! Especially less actives. This week we will start applying it and we will see how it works out next week!

I really realized the importance of the spirit in conversion this week. We had the opportunity to watch a world wide missionary training about the importance of the spirit. I also realized that missionary work is not missionary work without the spirit. We, as members of Gods family, need to strive to always follow the commandments so we can inherit the promised blessings. God wants to bless us and help us but if we do not do what he asks of us he can't help. I have really had my testimony strengthened this past week that God really loves us. Everything he does is for our benefit and he gets nothing from it. He truly is our father in heaven and he wants what is best for us. Let us continually strive to do all we can to serve him!!

Marvin and Charlybeth are progressing still! They continue to surprise us with their willingness to learn and grow in the gospel. We continue to help them grow and progress but we can only do so much! They must do the rest! We also have another investigator who is a part member! He is awesome and he will be getting baptized next month! He is so strong in his testimony of the gospel. Just listening to him bear his testimony strengthens mine!

My spiritual thought this week comes from the most used scripture I think. 1 Nephi 3:7. The Lord gives us commandments because he knows that we can follow them. He also prepares every possible way for us to accomplish those things he asks of us.

Well that's it for this week! Thank you all for all the prayers and support! I love you all!

Elder Child

*No pictures this week because the computer ports where he was writing didn't work

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