Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week #72 - 500 days out!


Well this week in Albuera Albert confesses his love for one of the young women, President Maurer tells me I'm losing weight, I find out that one of my past investigators in Alang-Alang got baptized on Saturday, and we lose some star investigators...

Well this week had a lot of ups and downs but definitely more ups! To start off the week we received an amazing training from our district leader. It was on finding. He laid a lot of emphasis that finding is more than just walking around pounding on peoples doors. There is a better way and that is through referrals! We have applied these things and we have seen such an increase in our finding and progressing investigators! 

This week I decided I would try and take a break from rice. It didn't go so well. I lasted a solid 8 hours then I gave in! I am addicted to rice now! Not a good thing...

This week I was studying in the New Testament in 1 Corinthians Chapter 9! I want to talk about verse 14. I don't know if I can quote it exactly right but in essence it say that those that are called to preach the Gospel should live the Gospel. Actually enough said! Haha we as members of the church are called to preach the gospel and share this light to all men! But we need to live it first. All people should be able to see us as members before we can teach them. My dad always told me, "Actions speak louder than words".

So something devastating happened to us yesterday morning. We received a text from a progressing investigator family. In the text they told us that they no longer wanted to continue in the discussions. They decided that because they were born in their religion, they wanted to stay in it. Words cannot describe the sadness I felt when I read this text. It was as if I had failed. As a missionary I have grown to that point where I truly love everybody. I desire for their eternal welfare and happiness. When we receive news that they no longer want to continue, it's heartbreaking. We will continue to strive to invite them and hopefully they will change their minds.

So this week I got to Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. This has been a 3 day study and I will start the fourth day tomorrow and hopefully finish it. It is amazing to read this allegory and see the Lord's love for us. He does everything for us and he still asks "What could I have done more for my Vineyard?". I testify of the Lord's love for us. It is a love so powerful that we cannot comprehend it. He loves us unconditionally and desires for all of us to return to him. I testify that the Gospel is true and that if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the words of the modern day prophets we can return to live with our Heavenly Father.

Well that's it for this week! Next week is transfer week! I love you all and thank you for all your love and support!!

Elder Child

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