Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #73

March 7, 2016


This week in the Philippines it's really hot, I eat snail things, and a baptism gets postponed...

Well maybe I'll start off with the bad stuff. Brother Dino Ebacitas was supposed to get baptized on Saturday! You can't even begin to imagine the excitement we were all feeling for him! This man has waited the best part of 3 years to be baptized and the day finally arrived on Saturday! But then nobody showed up. There was a max of 8 members that showed up for the baptism and none of them were members of the Bishopric. So we had to postpone the baptism because there has to be a member of the bishopric present. It was so sad to see Brother Ebacitas and his family walk away disappointed but we have rescheduled for this coming Sunday so it's sure that a member of the Bishopric will be present!

So work has been a little hard this week! We started off with exchanges with our district leader in his area and it went great! We had some good work and I learned a lot from the exchanges! Then we finally got back to our area Wednesday afternoon and that's when the trials began! Everyone just seemed to be busy this week and they were never home! 

Finding was also unsuccessful this week. Everyone just told us that they are Catholic and they don't want to change their religion.

Transfers have been delayed until Wednesday. I find out tomorrow if I will be transferring or not! It's a suspenseful time.  

My spiritual thought comes this week comes from D&C 38:27. Here we read that "...if ye are not one ye are not mine." Here the Lord explains that we need to have unity in the church. If we are not unified then we are not his. Here in the mission I have seen the importance of unity and trust especially in the companionship! I have seen the difference between a unified companionship and a non-unified companionship. Unity is the basis of a good companionship! When there is unity the spirit accompanies us and we can receive revelation. I know that as we all strive to be unified and one in Jesus Christ we will receive blessings, the spirit will accompany us, and we will become stronger and happier.

Well that's it for this week! Thank you for all you do!

Elder Child

Pic 1 - Brett and Albert (this picture makes me smile!)
Pic 2 - investigator interview with President Maurer (he passed!)
Pics 3-4 - they were invited to a birthday party at a pool, "sadly we didn't get to swim"
Pic 5 - Posers

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