Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week #77

April 4, 2016


This week in the Philippines we have an awesome FHE, its the hottest week I have experienced in my mission, and we find 2 new investigator families! And I am the most tired I have ever been in my mission...

Well this week was hard. Like really hard. This is Elder Brimhall's third cycle here in Hilongos and he said this was by far the hardest. But despite the heat and the numerous rejections we strove to prevail! As said earlier we found 2 new investigator families! The first one is the family of Mariel, the girl I wrote about a couple weeks ago, and the lesson was awesome! Funny thing is that her father gave us haircuts last Monday and we OYM'd him and then asked if we could visit him and his family! He was super interested on how focused the church is on families and asked for suggestions on how he and his family could be more united. It's so weird to give advice to fathers about how their families can become more united. But they were awesome and we also found out that Mariel had been reading the Book of Mormon that her member friend given her a couple weeks ago! And then we found the Cagadas Family! We were out tracting in the wilderness and we felt we should try going to one of the houses!! So we went and talked to the couple there and we found out that the wife had been an investigator over 30 years ago while she was in high school! So we shared the message of the Restoration and we will be going back to share with them and their whole family tonight!

So this week we got to attend a birthday party for one of our investigators, Nanay Senara. She is a part member and she and her husband are the only ones in their family that haven't been baptized. But we have been really trying to strive and push and she has started to progress really good this past 2 weeks!! We got invited to her birthday party and it was so fun and there were also a lot of other investigators that she invited also!

So this week was the hottest it has ever been in my mission. It has to do with this El Nino thing. But it's just been killing us! We have been so tired at the end of every day. Not just from the work, which is always tiring, but from the blistering heat. I think I am a shade darker from this week!

Well that just about it for this week! I encourage you all to read the story of Abinadi in the Boof of Mosiah! He is a great example for all of us and we can all learn from him!

Well thanks for all you do and I love you all!

Elder Child

Pic 1 - It was our investigators birthday this week!  She cooked fish for us.
Pic 2 - Zone activity this morning
Pic 3 - There was a member in the hospital.  These are the beds that they get to sleep on.
Pic 4 - The lady in the pants and the girl in the dress are our investigators!
Pic 5-6 - The birthday party - there were lots of investigators there!
Pic 7 - We found a toilet full of rocks so naturally we posed for pictures
Pic 8 - Zone conference with President and Sister Maurer
Pic 9 - We were at a dinner appointment and this kid fell asleep.  So they got him and stood him up and he started to pee everywhere.  He is still asleep in this picture after we tried to wake him up.

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