Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Week #79

April 18, 2016


This week in the Philippines I realized that I stole this starting line from my anak, I eat some of the spiciest food I have had so far in the mission, and we go hard.

So this week was awesome like always. Also something amazing happened this week! It rained for the first time since I have gotten to this area!! And it rained so hard that it flooded. So we celebrated and took a shower in the rain. 

Honestly my mind is blank right now. Yes it is transfer week and I don't know if I am getting transferred or not. I find out tomorrow! I'll type more next week!

Sorry for the short letter! Read the story of the People of Alma and that'll be my spiritual thought. Look for how trials can help us to progress in life!

I love you all!
Elder Child

*Mark and I went back and forth (with permission from his Mission President) quite a bit about Brett's request to arrive home one transfer early to begin the fall semester on time.  That is probably why his "mind is blank" this week.  And we didn't get any more pictures so I stole this one from his companions letter last week.

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