Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week #19 - First Transfers = New Companion

February 23, 2015


Well first of all I want to apologize for not emailing yesterday. We got our P-day changed due to transfer day. Basta, I am staying in my area, Talosa, but I now have a new companion! His name is Elder Dela Cruz and he is Filipino! It's super sad that I have to switch companions cause I was pretty close to my trainer but tis the missionary life! So about the past week. We are having a ton of progression in our investigators! We have been teaching 6 new people these past two weeks! 2 girls that live by themselves and a family of 4 and they are awesome! They all attended church this past Sunday so that was awesome and they all have baptismal dates within the next month! The only problem is the tatay (father) of the 4 member family. He has so many questions about our beliefs because he has been catholic his entire life and he is reluctant to change his religion.  Oh well! Also we have 4 baptisms this upcoming Saturday. The 3 Abraham kids in Canmogsay and Kirstine Ibanez from Talosa! So something I just found out - my new companion doesn't know Waray Waray so I have to teach him. Oh no. This is going to be an adventure! haha So some fun things happened this week. First, on Tuesday we were out tracting in Canmogsay, major bukid, and we decided to try and take a short cut through a rice field (not a good idea) and I ended up slipping off the embankments that you are supposed to walk on and sinking pretty deep into the mud. Now the mud in rice fields is not normal mud. This stuff is like quick sand. Anyways as I tried to pull my leg out I lost my shoes so we spent about 15 minutes trying to find my shoe! Fun times! Also we had branch home evening this week so that was pretty fun. Filipino games are the best because nobody is scared of getting embarrassed! Well that's about it for this week! Thank you all for your love and support! I love you! 

Elder Child

*Interesting things Brett has eaten this week: snail and stingray. A member also made some homemade bread, which Brett says is a sweet bread because they use lots of sugar.  And they don't put anything like jam or butter on it. They just eat it plain.
*His new companion is from Manila and speaks Cebuano and Tagalog.  So Brett gets to teach him Waray Waray, the language that he was thrown into when he got to the Talosa area 12 weeks ago.  He is nervous about that, but knows that if they use their language study time wisely and follow the Spirit that anything is possible.  He has such a good attitude!!  Elder Dela Cruz has a fun sense of humor so Brett is happy about that.
*The picture of the house belongs to a family they are currently teaching.  The father makes 1000 pesos ($25) on average per month.
*Brett seems to be over the stomach bug he had, so that is good.

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