Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week #47

September 7, 2015


Well this past week has been full of ups and downs but mostly downs.

To start off with the daughter of the Alcala family and her fiance broke up and they will not be getting back together. The ex-fiance will no longer be getting baptized. That was a night full of sadness to find that out. Also a less active family told us that they will no longer be going to church. Reason is because the mom and dad don't want to set an example for their kids and they feel like the kids just need to figure things out for themselves. The parents told us they don't need the Gospel in their lives and the kids don't need the Gospel in their lives. To be honest I got angry. My patience has been very short this week with everything going on. I chastised the parents hard core, and the Mother even started crying. I feel so bad and we will be returning today so I can ask for forgiveness. Not good.

On the bright side we did set a baptismal date for 5 of our investigators on October 3 so hopefully they can keep going and make it to that date!!

My spiritual thought this week can be found in Mosiah 3:19. We need to put off the natural man and be completely submissive to Gods will.

Sorry for the short letter but my brain is fried right now! I love you all and thank you for your support!

Elder Child

#1 - Gandara - he sure loves this area!
#2 - Brother Tan - he is the first counselor in the Branch Presidency.  Brett says Bro. Tan is his favorite person there.
#3 - pretty hills
#4 - monkey boy!
#5 - Brett's zone
#6 - another picture of his area in Gandara

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