Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week #46

August 30, 2015

Hello! (week #46 according to my mom but who's counting?)

Well this week has been awesome! I feel like I say that every week but it's true because every week in the mission is awesome in one way or another!! It was also very busy! Loaded with exchanges, weekly planning, and a specialized training given by President and Sister Maurer and the AP's!

But before we get to all that boring stuff I have some awesome news! So Juvielyn Alcala and her boyfriend are getting married this week!!!!! And the grandpa and grandma we teach are also getting married this week!!!! This family is so amazing. We actually found out Saturday night and the first thing they asked is "When can we get baptized?" This family is so amazing and this is exactly how investigators should be! Them dragging the missionaries to baptism and not the other way around! So last night we started reteaching them again just to refresh their memories and to start preparing them for baptism. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel and it was an awesome lesson! Something I have realized on my mission is that every time we teach about Joseph Smith the spirit is there without fail! It's an awesome feeling! Also I learned something during the lesson! One of the investigators asked nga "If we pray and ask god do we receive an answer straight away?". This was my learning experience and this is when the spirit is so so important in missionary work. I didn't know the answer. So I just trusted the spirit and started talking and it was so amazing how the spirit guided me in answering her question! I realized that we can receive an answer right away but it also takes FAITH and WORKS. If we don't prove that we really want to learn then of course we won't receive an answer.

This week all the missionaries assigned in Samar received a training from President Maurer and the AP's. The training they gave was on teaching skills. They based their training on the teachings of Ammon to King Lamoni in Alma 17-18. So much is learned from the example of Ammon. Also they based their training off the example of Peter when he trusted in the Lord and walked on water. They taught us that as missionaries we have to be willing to jump out of the boat. When we are in our comfort zone there is no change. When there is no change there is no progression and, in essence, perfection and we can't possibly become those missionaries Heavenly Father needs us to be.

Well that's it for this week! Thank you for all your love and support!!

Elder Child

Pic 1 - Brett and his District
Pic 2 - some, but not all, of the investigators that they had at church on Sunday
Pic 3 - "some pretty cool kids"
Pic 4 - Brett is a little tall compared to the Filipino people
Pic 5 - he ran into his first mission trainer

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