Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week #48

October 14, 2015


Well this week was crazy and I don't even know how to start off.

My comp went to the hospital. Actually three different hospitals and now he will be going to a fourth one in Manila!! He had three seizures. It happened on Wednesday night. We were all done with work and we had just eaten dinner at a members house and we were about to head home when I look over at my companion and he is completely stiff and crying. So thinking quick, like I always do, I picked him up. I don't have any idea why. But as soon as I picked him up he went unconscious. So we shoved him in a tricycle and took him to the Gandara Hospital (really just a hole in the wall place) and they told us they didn't know what was wrong with him. Thanks a lot. But while we were there he had two more seizures each progressively getting worse. So they shoved an IV in has arm and said we had to go to Catbalogan because they have better equipment! So we climbed in an ambulance and went to Catbalogan. Then when we got there and we got out of the ambulance and we were all in the hospital they told us we had to go to Tacloban because they didn't know what was going on either. So we climbed back in the ambulance and went to Tacloban. We arrived at the hospital in Tacloban at about 2 in the morning! Then they fixed the IV in his arm cause the people in Gandara didn't even put it in right! Then we went to sleep! The next day he had a CT scan and a neuro test. They found no cause for the seizures but did find an oversized lobe in is head. So on Wednesday he will be going to Manila and I will be getting a new companion tomorrow!

My spiritual thought comes from the Missionary White Handbook. P.53 "In all ways be wise and mature in your conduct". The First Presidency is very bold.

Well that's it for this week! Haha thanks for everything all of you do! I love you!

Elder Child


He could not upload any pictures this week so hopefully he gets a good computer at the cafe next week.  His district went on a hiking activity yesterday and picked coconuts.  They drank the milk then made shakes out of the coconut meat.  He said it was very sweet and delicious.  While at the hospital he got to sleep on a "bed" made out of 2 chairs.  Super comfy for a tall guy!  The sister that he apologized to accepted his apology and acknowledged that her intentions and words were not meant to be kind.  The Alcala family continues to progress.  Before his companions issues on Wednesday they had a great few days working.

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