Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year - Week #12

January 5, 2015


Well to start off with I would like to apologize for the cut off on email last week. We had a brown out (or a black out). So all of Tacloban lost power! Anyways, I am trying a new internet shop this time so hopefully I can send pictures! One thing that I have realized during this past week has been that time is passing so fast!!! It's crazy! So there is really just one experience I would like to share with you today! And it happened last night. We were eating dinner at a members house and we had just finished and we were about to start the lesson when we got a call. The call was from a mother of a 20 year old sister in our branch who has had heart and lung problems since she was born. But you wouldn't know it if you looked at her! Anyways they asked us to come to her house immediately because their daughter had collapsed. As soon as I looked at her the first thought that I had was, she's gotta be dead! And she looked like she was! Anyways we found out she had a heart attack and when we felt for a pulse and breathing her heart was barely beating and she was barely breathing. Then they asked us to give her a blessing. During the blessing I received this overwhelming feeling of just warmth and somehow I knew she would be ok. When the blessing was over we laid her down on the floor (they didn't have beds) because she had been leaned up against the wall, and almost as soon as we laid her down she woke up! And about 5 minutes later she was walking around with the help of her father! It was an amazing thing to see and it was truly a miracle. It was a really big faith builder for me! Anyways, this past week I also got very sick. I had a fever wavering between 101 and 103 for about 3 days with super bad headaches but that's cured now! At the moment I have a throat infection so it hurts to eat. but I'm sure that'll get better soon too! Well over all this week has been awesome! Just today we had our zone activity and we hiked a mountain and got pictures with a Jesus statue! I will try and send pictures later! Well I love you all!!

Elder Child

Here are some other things he told me as we were going back and forth last night:
-The rain that they are having is causing lots of flooding, which postponed the 7 baptisms they were supposed to have on Saturday.  Luckily it doesn't flood where he lives. 
-He is on augmentin and strepsils for his throat infection
-Some cool foods that he has eaten: Balot (half formed goose hard boiled), pig intestines (quite delicious and a little spicy), and dried fish - the whole fish - skin, head, and all
-He and his companion celebrated New Year's by playing chess and eating.  They had to be in their apartment for the night at 6:00 because everyone gets drunk there and it wouldn't be safe for them to be out

 Brett's first baptisms - December 27, 2014
 How Brett spent New Year's Eve
 Jesus Christ Landmark Ulot
 Zone Activity - January 5, 2015

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