Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week #11

December 28, 2014


Well it hasn't been very eventful here since I Skyped but I'll try and make this work anyways! Skyping was awesome and it was great to see everyone! Since we last talked only a couple things have happened. I had my first two baptisms on Saturday! So that was pretty exciting! It's hard to describe the happiness you feel when you baptize someone! It's so amazing! I will include pictures. (Gretchen's note: his USB converter got a virus so we will have to wait for pictures) Also yesterday my companion and I went to teach a less active (Nanay Virgie) and it was the first time he made me teach an entire lesson by myself! The lady has been less active for about 15 years and she has been smoking that entire time. So naturally I had to teach about the word of wisdom... But it went amazing!! The spirit was so strong during the lesson and we helped her realize how damaging smoking is for her health and, together, we made a plan for her to gradually stop smoking over the next month! She also promised she would start coming to church again so we will see how this all turns out! Next we have to concentrate on her husband who has the same problem. The funny thing about this whole situation is that my companion has told me from the start that he doesn't like teaching less actives because they never listen. So I challenged him to visit one less active and we decided on her! And look how it turned out!! Basta, the language is coming slowly but constant. I can now understand somewhat what people are saying to me and SOMETIMES I can communicate back. haha I'll get it eventually! So we are trying an new internet cafe this week and i plugged in my usb memory card converter and the people here tell me there is a virus on it! The old internet cafe downloaded a virus onto my USB!!! ugh. Well email me back if you are still awake!! I love you!

Elder Child

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