Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week #10

December 21, 2014

Maupay na gabii to you Washingtonians,

This week has been really fun! I am really adjusting to the language and getting to know everybody. This past week has been really awesome because I got two packages in the mail, gave two blessing, and we had a mission get together! We also found a poisonous frog in our apartment! Everyone in the mission is looking forward to Christmas! I don't know about Skype! Would you rather me Skype you on Christmas eve or on Christmas day?  It's kind of sad knowing I won't be home for Christmas this year or next year. But anyways I have my first two baptisms this coming Saturday! Kehli says she got in a fight at school so I will have to reply to her! Please tell her and dad I am sorry for not responding! I currently have about 4 filipino kids watching what I am writing. I have lost 5 pounds in the last week and I can tell these shoes are going to be destroyed by next month! So there are a lot of priests from other religions that like to debate with us and try and prove that we speak blasphemy. So my companion has referred me to a book called "The Day of Defense" (I think Grandpa Pirate would be interested) Any ways this book is a recording of two missionaries in the 1950s I think that were taken to trial by multiple Priests from religions and these two missionaries proved the LDS church is true using only the bible and 2 prophesies made by Joseph Smith. It's very interesting and its really going to help on my mission! Well anyways I have to email the mission president too so, Paghinay!

Elder Child

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