Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #13

January 12, 2015

Maupay na udto! (maupay na gabii para ha imo),

Well this past week has been pretty uneventful. There were really only a couple things that stood out! I'd just like to start out by saying that I haven't received any packages yet. I have to wait till the end of this week because it is transfer week and the office is really busy. But anyways I had two exchanges this past week and they were pretty fun! One was with the Zone Leader so that was pretty fun! And another was with a Samoan so that was even better because Polynesians are so fun! One thing I did realize though on my exchanges is that either my companion is lazy or he is just taking it easy on my because I'm new. The time on my exchanges was hard work and it was awesome! Oh and another thing! I'm not sick anymore!! So that's good! Also I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon! I started it when I first entered the MTC and its crazy how much I have learned from it! We also found a new investigator on Saturday night! We were walking along the street and some lady just called us over and asked us to share our message with her and she wants us to return again as soon as possible! Well I hit my three month mark in 3 days! It's crazy to think that I have been gone for 3 months already!! Time really does fly on the mission. Phrase in waray-waray for the week: Maaram ako pinaagi ha pagula ni JesuKristo makalimpyo kita. Maaram ako gihapon naghibaro ang Ebanghelyo ha akon pamilya. Malipayon kami uban ha ebanghelyo ha aton kinabuhi. Don't put that in google translate because it wont know! haha there are 4 elders going home tomorrow from our zone cause they just finished their 2 years. To be honest I am kind of jealous! But oh well! Being here is fun! Well I love you all and keep the pictures coming!

Elder Child

Gretchen's notes from going back & forth with Brett:
*Translation of the phrase at the end:  I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we have the ability to be made clean. I know the gospel has helped my family. We are happy with the gospel in our lives.
*Translation of the greeting at the beginning: Good "lunch time" (good evening for you)
*I asked him if he was going to get transferred and he said this: No for the first 12 weeks in the mission you stay with the same companion and you do the 12 week program which helps you get accustomed to missionary life. And yes I have told him a lot of things about working harder but he doesn't acknowledge a lot of the things I say. It's like he thinks I'm stupid. And he talks to me like that too. Anyways I now know what it looks like for someone to be addicted to a cell phone so I would like to apologize. Each of the companionships gets a cell phone for their area and he is ALWAYS on it. We are supposed to switch off every day and he tries his hardest to find excuses to use it at all times on my days. I even tried telling him he was addicted and he just told me no. Also another thing, I think I heard somewhere that the Philippines is the texting capital of the world. (We looked it up and it's true - 601 texts per person in the Philippines vs. 301 in the US)
*He told me about a delicious dessert they have there called "Mango Float".  We looked it up on the internet and will try making it.

*Pictures - #1 & #2 of a beetle they found outside their apartment.  Apparently the people are small in the Philippines, but the bugs are not. #3 "They have flapjacks in the Philippines!" He was so excited when someone made these for him.  #4 Elder Child's morning in a picture - every morning!

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