Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week #14

January 19, 2015


Well I did get my Christmas boxes!! I'm glad I got all the goods for the wimpy typhoon that came through on Saturday. Honestly I was a little disappointed with how weak it was. We did have to stay inside the whole day though. But me and my companion went down to the ocean while the storm was going on and took a few pictures! This past week has been pretty fun! We found 4 new investigators and even discovered part of our two areas that we didn't even know existed! Yes my companion and I are in charge of two areas so it's a little harder for us! Oh well. Also I have a question. Is my debit card still active? If so am I able to withdraw personal money from it from the atms here? Because I need personal money to buy anything other than food, transportation, or anything part of missionary work! Let's see here.... I've noticed this past week that when I slack off on my language study it starts to slip away so I gotta work harder! Also I finished the Book of Mormon! That was awesome! So now I am reading out of both the BoM and the Bible because the people here like to be taught out of the bible because they are all catholic. Also some guy tried to chastise the LDS church while we were out proselyting and tried telling us that our faith was for nothing so we had to set him straight and he walked away a little humbled. haha so that was fun also! Phrase for the week: Amu la gihapon. Means same as always. I really have nothing to report this week so email me back quick! I love you!


Elder Child

Gretchen's Notes:
*His new investigators all are in the same family.  One of the children is deaf and mute so they teach him by writing everything down.
*We asked about his apartment and its amenities.  He said they have a fridge and a small oven.  No microwave or hot running water.
*The Pope never went into Tacloban because of the storm.
*Pictures 1-2: two of his Christmas boxes that arrived in January
*Pictures 3-4: a Book of Mormon scripture cover that Elder Estrada made for Brett
*Pictures 5-6: down in the ocean after the "wimpy" storm

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